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The Word is ‘Heal’…

It boggles the mind to imagine a President who can’t spell the word ‘heal’.

The Latest from Israel Finkelstein

Finkelstein, Major Saviors, Minor Judges: The Historical Background of the Northern Accounts in the Book of Judges, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 41 (2017), pp. 431-449.

Your Reasons Don’t Matter…

To Have Integrity, Journalists Need to Connect With Academics

This is a very fine reminder for journalists to deepen their work through academic connections.  And a very much needed one at that.

A[s] this year alone would highlight, in this current age of post-truth, in order to maintain the journalistic standard that Sir Charles Wheeler set out – one  of “integrity, authority, humanity and evidence” – academic research is vital.

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That’s How It’s Done