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The Word is ‘Heal’…

It boggles the mind to imagine a President who can’t spell the word ‘heal’.

The Latest from Israel Finkelstein

Finkelstein, Major Saviors, Minor Judges: The Historical Background of the Northern Accounts in the Book of Judges, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 41 (2017), pp. 431-449.

TV Show Idea: ‘So You Think You Can Exegete’

If you’re familiar with ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, just imagine a show with the same sort of format except dancing it’s exegesis and instead of a panel of dance experts the panel is comprised of actual biblical scholars.

Contestants appear before the panel and are given a Hebrew Bible and a Greek New Testament and then assigned a brief passage to exegete.  Their task,

  1. Textual Criticism
  2. Translation
  3. Redaction Criticism
  4. Rhetorical Criticism
  5. Reception History

The contestant deemed best by the panel of experts is awarded a $5000 gift card to the publisher of their choice.

It would be brilliant.  Come on, @PBS , make it happen!

Your Reasons Don’t Matter…

To Have Integrity, Journalists Need to Connect With Academics

This is a very fine reminder for journalists to deepen their work through academic connections.  And a very much needed one at that.

A[s] this year alone would highlight, in this current age of post-truth, in order to maintain the journalistic standard that Sir Charles Wheeler set out – one  of “integrity, authority, humanity and evidence” – academic research is vital.

Read it all.

That’s How It’s Done