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If Your ‘Gospel’ Needs Supplementation, It isn’t the Gospel

‪For those times when The Gospel isn’t sufficient*… Try ‘Gamechurch’!‬ http://www.christianheadlines.com/news/gamechurch-is-seizing-opportunities-to-reach-the-gaming-community.html‬ ______________ ‪*The Gospel is always sufficient.‬

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If You Ever Annoyed St. Jerome…

He knew what to say to you.  For instance- I am filled with consternation and a shiver runs through me, soul and body, when I try to set before your eyes the deed that you have done. And that’s him … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Every Christian who would abound in prayer and piety ought, in all reason, to make the Psalter his manual.  Indeed the truth is, that everything a pious heart can desire to ask in prayer, it here finds Psalms and words … Continue reading

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The Hilarious Story of the White Supremacist Who Thinks He’s A Christian

Bravo, The Bee– With all the madness going on in the world, it can be therapeutic to get a good laugh out of something every once in a while. You know, to relieve the pressure and stress of living in … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s Handwritten Copy of the Pauline Corpus

You can take a look at it here.  You can even download the entire work. Zwingli copied it from an edition of the Greek New Testament found in the library at Einsiedeln in 1517.  It includes some nifty marginal notes.

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A House Sized Asteroid Will Pass Between the Moon and Earth on 12 October…

And the science people say… “There is no danger whatsoever.” Which is exactly how every apocalyptic movie I have ever seen begins…  See you October 13…

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Quote of the Day

If you’re unable or unwilling to condemn evil, then you’re evil yourself. It’s a simple human equation. No higher math needed. – Laurence Tribe

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Greek Stuff

James Spinti has a neat little post for Greek geeks about punctuation.  Enjoy.

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Jacob Edlibach’s Letter and Zwingli’s Marginal Notes and Response

Responsio brevis ad epistolam satis longam amici cuiusdam haud vulgaris, in qua de eucharistia quaestio tractatur, was published 14 August 1526. The first half is a letter of Edlibach on which Zwingli made marginal notes and the second half is … Continue reading

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Jerome’s Preface to the Latin Version of the Old Testament

In the preface to his translation, Jerome writes to those who would quibble with his work: … if you are incredulous, read the Greek and Latin manuscripts and compare them with these poor efforts of mine, and wherever you see … Continue reading

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