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Today and Every Day…

Any mincing of words or ameliorated sentiments when it comes to racism is racism.

Luther and the Jews

A timely post from Oxford.

I’ll Fight With You, Brother…

The Fool…

Calvin’s observations on Psalm 14:1 are worth re-hearing:

As the Hebrew word נבל, nabal, signifies not only a fool, but also a perverse, vile, and contemptible person, it would not have been unsuitable to have translated it so in this place; yet I am content to follow the more generally received interpretation, which is, that all profane persons, who have cast off all fear of God and abandoned themselves to iniquity, are convicted of madness.

David does not bring against his enemies the charge of common foolishness, but rather inveighs against the folly and insane hardihood of those whom the world accounts eminent for their wisdom. We commonly see that those who, in the estimation both of themselves and of others, highly excel in sagacity and wisdom, employ their cunning in laying snares, and exercise the ingenuity of their minds in despising and mocking God.

It is therefore important for us, in the first place, to know, that however much the world applaud these crafty and scoffing characters, who allow themselves to indulge to any extent in wickedness, yet the Holy Spirit condemns them as being fools; for there is no stupidity more brutish than forgetfulness of God.


In fact, historically speaking, the Bible was written by elite scholars for elite scholars; i.e., the very few who could read and who had the wealth and leisure to do it.

It’s Worth Getting

Get it here.

At One Florida School Rich Kids Can Skip To the Head of the Lunch Line

This is what America has become:

Parents in Florida are upset over a PTSA sponsorship form they received to start the school year.

The form asked for sponsors for certain dollar amounts, with the money going to help the school.

Parents were concerned about the $100 sponsorship amount, which offers people who pay that amount, their last name or business logo on their website, as well as PTSA events AND front of the lunch line pass.

“Polk County has a very high rate of food insecurity when it comes to kids. With middle school already being a very contentious age, with hormones and everything else, the last thing you really want to do is add a food hierarchy on top of that,” parent Chris Stephenson told WFLA.

Stephenson shared the form in a Facebook post, which has since garnered hundreds of comments from upset parents. One person who commented said the lunch line pass will make disadvantaged students feel like second-class citizens.

“It’s like, ‘I have money, I’m in the front of line now. All you poor kids get in the back of the line,’” Stephenson said.

The Accidental Truth as Told By Rachel Held Evans

She accidentally said something true. Christians outside the church are the problem, not those faithful to it.

No Christian Can Be Racist

There can be neither Jew nor Greek, there can be neither slave nor freeman, there can be neither male nor female — for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Gal. 3:28)

It’s that simple.  So if you’re a Christian and you harbor racism in your heart, repent.

Charlottesville Racists

White nationalists and counterprotesters are expected to flood downtown Charlottesville Saturday as the Virginia city braces for the “Unite the Right” rally.

By noon, thousands are expected to gather in Emancipation Park, where barricades have been placed in proximity to the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The rally comes hours after a large group of torch-bearing white nationalists marched through the University of Virginia campus Friday night.

Outraged by the city’s plans to remove the trace of its Confederate past, alt-right activists and Ku Klux Klan members have come to the city in recent months.

The city has become ground zero for white nationalists, neo-Confederates and alt-right activists from across the country protesting the removal of Confederate monuments.

The racist sickness unleashed by the election of Trump will continue to bear fruit until he is out of office.

That Zwingli Statue at the Wasserkirche… Debunking a Lutheran Myth

The statue doesn’t represent the real Zwingli.  And those of you who continue to follow the ridiculous line begun by Luther that leads to the notion that Zwingli died with sword in hand need to read this article.  Forthwith.

«Dieses Denkmal von Philipp Natter sollte man eigentlich entfernen. Es erzählt viel mehr über das Entstehungsjahr 1885 und das 19. Jahrhundert als über Zwingli. Und es ist nicht unschuldig an der Distanz, die viele heute zu Zwingli haben. Das 19. Jahrhundert war die Zeit der grossen Helden, die man auf üppigen Monumenten mit riesigen Sockeln feierte. Man wollte diese Helden als politische Helden für die Zukunft präsentieren.

Das ist in die Schweiz übergeschwappt. Also nahm man eine Figur aus der Vergangenheit und inszenierte sie als politische Zukunftsgestalt. Dass man Zwingli vor allem als Machtpolitiker sah, sieht man am Schwert. Die Bibel hält er zwar schon auch noch, aber eher so nebenbei. Ich glaube, Zwingli fände dieses Denkmal gar nicht angebracht, und man hat Zwingli überhaupt nicht begriffen, wenn man ihn so darstellt. Er würde sich völlig missverstanden fühlen. Die Augenhöhe ging hier buchstäblich verloren.»

That’s the fact of the matter.  Read the whole.  And if you don’t want to do that, and get the facts, then at least stop talking about Zwingli’s death on the battlefield as combatant.  It just exposes your ignorance.