The Truth About Robert Jeffress

Via Facebook-

Barry Harvey wrote this about Robert Jeffress yesterday:

“As my friend Steve Long observes, Jeffress is a liberal heretic because his Christianity is a version of US liberal Protestantism:

1. He is a self-proclaimed prophet like Robert Duvall in the movie “The Apostle,” who is unaccountable to the Christian tradition. It his just him and the Scripture.

2. His authority is his emotivist-expressivism.

3. God works primarily through the modern nation-state (something Paul knew nothing about when he wrote Romans) and the church is reduced to a warehouse for individual conversions.

4. He confuses the “city set on a hill” of Mt. 5 with American exceptionalism.

5. He privatizes the difficult teachings of Jesus — “love your enemy.”

6. Christianity begins anew with him and his interpretation of God, who looks much more like Thor than the blessed Trinity.

Refuse to listen to this man and condemn what he teaches (nonviolently) for the sake of Christianity; for if he is correct about Christianity, then atheism is the only option.”