The Foes of Truth…

…  find great difficulty in refuting the enemies of pure and sound doctrine: possessed of serpentine lubricity, they escape by the most artful expedients, unless they are vigorously pursued, and held fast when once caught.  — John Calvin

Preach it, John!  Or, put in language that our precious teens can grasp, the enemies of truth are slippery and evasive and sneaky and they do whatever they can to escape when cornered by the facts.  They have to be held down by force.

Think, for example, of David Barton.

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One thought on “The Foes of Truth…

  1. Milton Almeida - The Grace Ambassador 10 Aug 2017 at 3:47 pm

    Well, talking about politicians again… Way to Go brother John, you foresaw American politicians in 2017!


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