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It Seems Sweet But It’s Pure Paganism and More Than A Little Blasphemous

So don’t get your theology from needlepoint….

Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times

An Asteroid Needs to Destroy the Planet


Come, sweet asteroid, come plunge into our planet…

Sometimes It Just Happens…

(I borrowed the image from George A, but he’s not responsible for the text)

Did You Know…

That it was on August 10, in 70 A.D. that the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed by Roman troops?  Yup, now you do.

Quote of the Day

[Calvin seemed to have] a peculiar penchant … for detesting lax and cavalier methods of treating texts;  methods such as those he saw exhibited by medieval exegetes and arguably by Lutheran exegetes as well.  — Jon Balsarak

So true!

Refo Thursday

This week the topic is marriage.

“My mind is adverse to wedlock, because I daily expect [to suffer] the death of a heretic.” – Martin Luther

Being a Woman in a Man’s Field: The Story of LXX Scholar Anneli Aejmelaeus

Read it here.

Arguing With Experts….

Does arguing with experts make you stupid, or does being stupid make you argue with experts?   It’s clearly the latter…

@Toon_fan_1 got totally owned.  Justifiably.