The Blistering Evisceration of Today’s Student

Here’s the headline:

My fellow lecturers won’t say it in public, but students today are moaning, illiterate snowflakes.

It should be said right off that not all students are so simpering.  Not even, in fairness, most.  But there are some who are perfectly described in the essay.  But it is clearly true that not everyone should go to University.

When I tell people who have had nothing to do with universities recently that I’ve taught British undergraduates who are simply incapable of writing a correct sentence in English, most smirk in disbelief. Perhaps because I’m a writer of fiction they assume I’m indulging in some dramatic exaggeration. When I raise this with fellow lecturers, however, they nod mournfully.

There is still a mania that everyone should go to university and every endeavour should be a degree (whether sculpting or golf management). It’s had a very bad effect on education.

There’s an “everyone must pass” attitude, which is compounded by the “sick note” epidemic. The student who is currently suing Oxford University because it allegedly “didn’t take her anxiety seriously enough” isn’t an unusual figure.


One thought on “The Blistering Evisceration of Today’s Student

  1. John Meade 9 Aug 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Ouch! Entitlement has reached a peek. I’m interested to see how big the bubble will be when it bursts.


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