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Signs of the Times

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Luther’s Bible Was Sent to the Printer on this Day in 1534…

And it was published the next day. The. Next. Day. Putting to shame all publishers today who take half a year to get a book printed. Martin Luther started work on his famous translation of the Bible in 1521, and … Continue reading

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The Eucharist Isn’t a ‘Snack’…

This is why 99.9% of journalists shouldn’t talk about Christianity.

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Today With Luther: The Publication of his ’67 Psalms’

Luther’s work on Ps 9-147 appeared on this date in 1521.  It’s evidence of the early Luther’s still evolving theological thought.  As the American editor remarks of this volume, … on August 6, 1521, it appeared in print. Its German … Continue reading

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Emil Brunner- On Doubt

Many have the idea that doubt belongs to life and cannot be helped, that it belongs even to the Christian life. But the truth is that so long as we are in bondage to this doubt we are not yet Christians. For to … Continue reading

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