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News From BNTS

Booking for this year’s conference closes on August 18th. Please make sure you book your place before then. http://maynoothcollege.ie/pontifical-university/2017/04/10/british-new-testament-conference-31st-aug-2nd-september-2017/

The conference begins on Thursday 31st August, with Registration at St Patrick’s College from 3pm. The first event is a wine reception at 5.30pm.  There is an opportunity to take part in an additional trip to Dublin on Thursday morning, and accommodation can be booked for the Wednesday evening.

There is a handy Travelling to Maynooth Section on the University website here: https://www.maynoothuniversity.ie/location along with maps of the campus.
St Patrick’s College is on the South Campus. Most of the accommodation is on the North Campus.  International Colleagues should check visa arrangements and ensure any necessary paperwork is completed in order to leave and re-enter the UK.

We very much look forward to welcoming everyone to Maynooth.
Best wishes,

Dr Paul Middleton
Secretary, The British New Testament Society

Refo500 in Brazil

Signs of the Times- the 1531 Edition

S. Jackson relates

[In the Summer of 1531] Zurich was again visited by the plague, though not in severe form. Like others of his time, Zwingli believed in signs and portents …. So he was greatly disturbed at an extraordinary communication from Schenkenberg, near Brugg, in Aargau, some seventeen miles north by west of Zurich, written by the magistrate of the village and dated July 29, 1531, to the effect that on July 24th blood had been seen issuing in a stream from the earth!

Other equally circumstantial reports of uncommon physical phenomena were:

-that at Zug, some fifteen miles south of Zurich, on Lake Zug, a shield had been seen in the air;
-on the river Reuss, which runs into Lake Zug, shots were heard at night;
-on the Bruenig Pass, some twenty-five miles south of Luzern, flags flew in the heavens,
– and on the Lake of Luzern phantom ships sailed filled with ghosts in warriors’ garb.

At Goostow, in the county of Gröningen, belonging to Zurich, a poor peasant woman, Beatrice of Marckelssheim, bore a child that had two heads with faces, three legs, and three arms, but only one body. Two of the arms hung from the sides as usual, but the third came out of the back between the shoulders, and had on the end two hands clasped. Two of the legs were also normal, but the third hung from behind for all the world like a tail! One of the heads died in the birth, the other lived a short time after it.

But still more alarming was the comet, of which Zwingli writes, on August 16th: “Some have seen a comet here in Zurich for three nights. I for one only, i. e., August 15th; what we shall see to-day, the 16th, I don’t know.” Bullinger thus relates the incident:

“Upon [St.] Lawrence [day, Thursday, August 10, 1531], appeared at sunset a right fearful comet whose long and broad tail stretched to mid heaven. The colour was pale yellow. And when Zwingli was asked what it meant by George Müller, abbot at Wittengen, as standing in the churchyard of the Great Minster, near the Wettinger House, they contemplated it together, he replied: ‘Dear George, it will cost me and many an honest man his life, and truth and Church will yet suffer; still Christ will not desert us.’ ”

In our day we just have an orange politician…  Evil portent indeed.