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And Now For Your Viewing Pleasure

This neat little video:

In Büren an der Aare wurden totgeborene Kinder vermeintlich zum Leben erweckt – wenn man dafür genug Geld bezahlte. Und in Zürich wetterte Huldrych Zwingli gegen die liederlichen Sitten im Kloster. Sabine Dahinden sucht Spuren dieser Umbruchzeit und stürzt sich für Zwingli in ein Schwestern-Gewand.


You Can Add Theology to the List Too, And Biblical Studies

For the Folk in Phoenix

News From Pitts Theological Library: Digitized Images Commemorating the Reformation

Thanks to the diligent work of Pitts Volunteer Roy Wise, we can announce the creation of a new image collection! “Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses” is a free resource of images for Reformation celebrations or classes. Pitts Theology Library has more than 60,000 images from 15th through the 19th centuries available online. The website includes woodcuts from the 3,800+ volumes of the Kessler Reformation Collection, more than a thousand of which are by Luther himself.

The site has the first known woodcut of Luther from a 1519 book of his sermons. A section on Luther’s career has images of: an indulgence, Luther’s first Bible, Pope Leo X’s bull against Luther, the first Lutheran hymnal, and the original Augsburg Confession, among others. Of particular interest for bulletin covers are woodcuts based on Lucas Cranach’s painting “Law and Gospel.” Created in 1529 and presenting the essence of Luther’s theology, this was the most influential contribution of the Lutheran Reformation to art history. The website can be found at http://pitts.emory.edu/2017.

This Is Why Your View on Immigration Matters

On Beliefs: An Observation

Believe whatever you want but understand that those familiar with Christian theology are under no obligation to deem your view Christian.