The Bee Stings the Narcissism of Modern Christian ‘Music’

Citing the timeless truths and life-giving message contained in its lyrics, The Gospel Music Association revealed Wednesday that it has chosen Christina Aguilera’s 2002 hit “Beautiful” as the greatest worship song of all time, topping its list of the 10 best worship songs ever.

“‘Beautiful’ perfectly captures the essence and worth of the worshiper—which is what worship is ultimately all about,” a GMA spokesman said. “Take a second to ponder some of these lyrics, and let them really get down inside you:

‘I am beautiful
No matter what they say
Words can’t bring me down
I am beautiful
In every single way
Yes words can’t bring me down
Oh no
So don’t you bring me down today.’

“Oceans” by Hillsong, which was widely expected to top the list, came it at #2. Other notable entries include Lego Movie hit “Everything is Awesome” at #4, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams at #7 and LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” rounding out the list at #10.

Spot on.

About Jim

I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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