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There Is No Difference Between Abortion and Infanticide

Here’s where we are now in the race to kill the helpless: Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical … Continue reading

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On Trump’s ‘Religion’

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I Guess This Would Appeal to the Angry Atheists… And the Unhinged ‘Jesus Mythicists’

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Quote of the Day

Your guilt is an ultimate reality insomuch that not even the love of God can simply pass it by.  — Emil Brunner

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There’s No Reason to Think Well of Jared Kushner

Not after Monday. On Monday, Jared Kushner told a group of Congressional interns that they should not be worrying about history or reading books when it comes to important issues like the Middle East: “Everyone finds an issue, that ‘You have … Continue reading

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The Kessler Reformation Collection Exhibit

A fall exhibit at Candler’s Pitts Theology Library will highlight the library’s renowned Kessler Reformation Collection, recognizing the collection’s 30th anniversary as well as the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. “From Wittenberg to Atlanta: The Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection at … Continue reading

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Christoph Heilig on NT Wright’s Understanding of Paul: The Interview

Give this a listen (after all the popups are dismissed).  Chrisoph is a good scholar.  And a very nice person. This is an interview episode with emerging biblical scholar, Christoph Heilig. We spend much of our time discussing a new … Continue reading

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A Bullinger Gallery In Remembrance of His Death

This gallery contains 14 photos.

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Carly Crouch on the ‘Ethics of War in Ancient Israel and Assyria’

Over at Bible and Interpretation– It will come as little surprise to students of the Bible’s ancient Near Eastern affinities that the idea of the human king as a defender of the cosmic order is closely paralleled in the biblical … Continue reading

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Something Interesting from the British Museum for Jeremiah Scholars

The BM has an exhibition titled ‘Introducing the Scythians’, about whom you’ll recall reading in Jeremiah (the foe from the North don’t ya know) and even mentioned in the letter to the Colossians! Be sure to take a look.

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The Bee Stings the Narcissism of Modern Christian ‘Music’

Citing the timeless truths and life-giving message contained in its lyrics, The Gospel Music Association revealed Wednesday that it has chosen Christina Aguilera’s 2002 hit “Beautiful” as the greatest worship song of all time, topping its list of the 10 … Continue reading

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Adolf von Harnack und die deutsche Politik 1890–1930

Adolf von Harnack, a church historian and academic organizer in Berlin, was one of the most influential persons in liberal Protestantism in Germany. Christian Nottmeier examines the connection between Harnack’s outline for cultural theology and his political involvement after 1890. … Continue reading

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‘Reformation on the Record’: Exploring the history of the Reformation from an archival perspective

This lecture takes place in October.  All the details are here.

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The IAA May Seek to Ban ALL Antiquities Dealing

Arrest of Jerusalem antiquities dealers opens a smuggling Pandora’s Box Use of Israel as a way station to legitimize sale of looted artifacts to Hobby Lobby prompts Antiquities Authority to seek ban on all dealing A few paragraphs in- During … Continue reading

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The Death of S.M. Jackson

Samuel Macauley Jackson, 1851–1912, American Presbyterian clergyman and encyclopedist, b. New York City. He was associate editor in the preparation of the original Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia (1884) and editor in chief of the greatly enlarged New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge … Continue reading

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The Resignation of Heinrich Bullinger

On the 2nd of August in 1575 Heinrich Bullinger resigned his position as Pastor of the Great Minster in Zurich.  He had served the City since 1531 when Zwingli had been viciously murdered by the Catholic troops at Kappel-am-Albis (where, … Continue reading

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Exposition: Luther@Leuven 1517-2017

All the details of this good looking exhibition are here.

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Brunner on the Bible

Is everything true that is to be found in the Bible? Let me draw a somewhat modern analogy by way of answering this question. Every one has seen the trade slogan “His Master’s Voice.” If you buy a phonograph record you are told … Continue reading

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Magdeburg and the Reformation

Magdeburg, im 16. Jahrhundert mit 30.000 Einwohnern eine der größten Städte des Alten Reiches, nahm bei der von Wittenberg ausgehenden Erneuerung der Kirche eine Vorreiterrolle ein. Im Kulturhistorischen Museum wird dieser besondere Erinnerungsort des deutschen Protestantismus und sein wirkmächtiger Einfluss … Continue reading

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