Spicer Confirms that Fox and Trump Colluded on the Rich Story

Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, confirms that officials in the West Wing were briefed on a since-retracted Fox News report pushing a murder conspiracy involving a slain DNC staffer.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday by former homicide detective Rod Wheeler claims Fox News distorted his findings regarding Seth Rich and alleges that President Donald Trump personally reviewed the report before it was published May 15.

Spicer told NPR, which reported the lawsuit, that he was unaware of any contact involving the president — but he admits he was briefed.

He admits to meeting April 20 at the White House with wealthy Dallas investor and unpaid Fox financial commentator Ed Butowsky and Wheeler, a former detective and paid commentator since 2005 for the news network.

“Ed’s been a longtime supporter of the president and asked to meet to catch up,” Spicer told NPR on Monday. “I didn’t know who Rod Wheeler was. Once we got into my office, [Butowsky] said, ‘I’m sure you recognize Rod Wheeler from Fox News.’”

The fake President promoting fake news from fake Fox News.  Who woulda guessed…

Mortality Rates Are Unchanged

The Babylon Bee reports

A new study of the world’s population revealed that the expected mortality rate among humans is still 100%, researchers at Harvard University confirmed Tuesday.

The surprising study found that given enough time, every single person on this planet will pass away, completely irrespective of wealth, class, gender, race, nationality, or creed.

“The results are fairly conclusive,” head researcher Bryan Vo told reporters. “We expected to have a few outliers who managed to buck the trend, but even the ultra-rich, famous, and powerful will eventually go to the grave, according to our models.”

The study looked at population samples from various parts of the globe and confirmed that given enough time, every single member of the sample group would one day face death. Computer models confirmed the findings of Harvard’s research team, demonstrating that no person out of the 7.5 billion people on the planet would be able to live forever.

At publishing time, those who were confronted with the results of the study reportedly experienced a brief moment of introspection followed by an attempt to push the thought of dying one day out of their minds and go about their lives as if they will live forever.

The Other Side: Apocryphal Perspectives on Ancient Christian “Orthodoxies”

Anyone who wishes to manage their sources adequately must work with categories that help to bring order to the transcribed material. In many cases, such categories simultaneously shape the way in which we evaluate our sources. Critical reflection of the chosen categories is therefore crucial for robust historical study. This rings especially true when certain categories are not viewed through neutral eyes, but through polemically judgemental eyes. One extreme case would be the category of “apocryphalness”. In some areas, associations like “fraudulent” versus and “secret” – interlinked to this term in Antiquity – are still shaping the way Christian apocrypha are considered to this day. Closely associated with this is the use of the adjectival categories like “(proto)-orthodox”, “majority church” versus those like “heretical” (again polemically pejorative).

In their chapters, the contributors demonstrate not only how the set limits – as referred to the categories above – do indeed play a role, but more importantly, where these limits have been exceeded and where we must therefore work with new and different categories to understand the meaning of “apocryphal” writings and/or writings that have “become apocryphal” in terms of the history of an ancient Christianity perceived as multi-dimensional and dynamic. The following questions play a significant role in our understanding of this: In which contexts and by which groups are “newly apocryphal” writings used? Where do apocryphal writings or those “newly apocryphal” play a contextual role that would, nowadays, be perceived as “orthodox“? Which functions are assign thereto?

Zwingli For Today

zwingliJesus gives peace to our consciences, which hitherto caused us to be in despair; yea, He draws us to Himself that we may implicitly trust in Him and thus are we saved. Since He is entirely free from all infirmities and temptations, for He was conceived by the Holy Ghost and born of a pure and innocent virgin, He first offered up his innocence and righteousness in our stead; and having borne our burdens, pains, and diseases He thereby saved all those that firmly believe these things. For whoever accepts by faith this free gift, which is offered to the lost human race by God through Christ, is saved and henceforth becomes a joint heir with Christ; wherefore he also will be with the Father in eternal bliss, for He wills that his servants be where He is. — Huldrych Zwingli