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Quote of the Day

Emil Brunner writes

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There Are Morons Among Us…

Via facebook

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Spicer Confirms that Fox and Trump Colluded on the Rich Story

Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, confirms that officials in the West Wing were briefed on a since-retracted Fox News report pushing a murder conspiracy involving a slain DNC staffer. A lawsuit filed Tuesday by former homicide detective … Continue reading

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But I Thought the ‘Slippery Slope’ Argument Was on the ‘Wrong Side of History’…

Seems not…

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Mortality Rates Are Unchanged

The Babylon Bee reports A new study of the world’s population revealed that the expected mortality rate among humans is still 100%, researchers at Harvard University confirmed Tuesday. The surprising study found that given enough time, every single person on … Continue reading

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Luther: The App

“Luther virtuell” – die neue Augmented Reality-App (Erweiterte Realität) – lässt Nutzer in den drei Lutherstädten Eisleben, Mansfeld und Halle auf den Spuren des Reformators und seines Gegenspielers Kardinal Albrecht (nur in Halle) digital wandeln. Luther Virtuell im iTunes App Store … Continue reading

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Zwingli lesen

Ulrich Zwingli war ein epochaler Denker. Zwingli lesen bedeutet, an diesem Denken und Argumentieren teilzuhaben. Dieses Lesebuch enthält deshalb die zentralen Texte von Zwingli selbst – und zwar in verständlichem heutigem Deutsch. Darüber hinaus wird jeder Text eingeleitet und kommentiert. … Continue reading

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The Other Side: Apocryphal Perspectives on Ancient Christian “Orthodoxies”

Anyone who wishes to manage their sources adequately must work with categories that help to bring order to the transcribed material. In many cases, such categories simultaneously shape the way in which we evaluate our sources. Critical reflection of the … Continue reading

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Walther Eichrodt’s Birthday

Walther Eichrodt (1890 – 1978) was an eminent German Old Testament scholar and Protestant theologian. He received his doctorate from the University of Heidelberg in 1915 and taught as a professor of Old Testament and History of Religion at the … Continue reading

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Zwingli For Today

Jesus gives peace to our consciences, which hitherto caused us to be in despair; yea, He draws us to Himself that we may implicitly trust in Him and thus are we saved. Since He is entirely free from all infirmities … Continue reading

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