That One Time When Martin Luther Was in a Bad Mood…

And wrote, in a preface to a book by another that was being published,

The Papists despair of their cause and have decided, in spite and in defiance of God, with full knowledge and intent, to do everything that is dear to the devil. They have chosen him as their god, lord, protection, and comfort. Very well, let them go their own way. “The cattle [suit the] stall,” the devil said and drove flies up his mother’s rump. Such a god deserves to have such creatures. Such trees, as Jotham says in Judges 9 [:14–15], deserve to have such a ramnus (thornbush) as king.*

*Preface to Urbanus Rhegius’, “Exposition of Psalm 52, against the Godless, Bloodthirsty Sauls and Doegs of These Last, Perilous Times” (LW Vol. 60, p. 243).