Grace… It’s Interesting Who Doesn’t Use the Word

Mark doesn’t, Matthew doesn’t, James doesn’t.  The other Gospels use it very few times, the Catholic epistles as few.  Paul uses it most.

The interesting thing, as I think about it, is the fact that the worse a person is, the more they want to trade on grace.

Among New Testament authors Paul was, morally speaking, the most challenged.  So he trades on grace more than the rest.  Among the Reformers it’s Luther who talks most of grace because he is most in need of it.

And in our own time the people with the worst track records in terms of ethics are the ones who like to remind everyone how important grace is.

And, of course, to be sure, it is important.  It’s just intriguing to me to note the sort of people who find it necessary to remind themselves of it most frequently.  That’s not a criticism, it’s just an observation.