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The Bee Stings the Ridiculous Interpretations of Revelation

In a groundbreaking discovery sure to change the future of eschatological studies, scholars revealed Monday that the autograph of the book of Revelation originally included a detailed end times and rapture chart to help readers make sense of the apocalyptic literature.

Archaeologists working on the island of Patmos recently uncovered the original autograph of the book and found the intricate chart detailing the church age, pre-tribulation rapture of the church, seven-year period of turmoil, and subsequent millennial reign of Christ. The chart also featured detailed descriptions of each of the twenty-one dispensations of history, scholars confirmed.

“This is an exciting discovery,” lead archaeologist Dr. Wendell Holmes told reporters. “End-times charts have become a popular past-time of the church over the past century, and now we know there is solid biblical warrant for their existence.”

Holmes further stated that the find confirmed that the futurist, premillennial framework for interpreting the book of Revelation is the correct one, much to the delight of modern end times prophecy experts like John Hagee, David Jeremiah, and Hal Lindsey.

At publishing time, scholars had also confirmed the discovery of the Apostle John’s rudimentary, parchment-based prophecy blog, on which he posted constant prophecy updates predicting the Lord Jesus would return by 1988.

It’s funny because there are people who really think like that.

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Signs of the Times…

That awkward moment when men in tights dance in Church….

PCUSA…  Calvin would Servetus-ize you.

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Mark Your Calendar…

For September 25th and come to Newman University.  

Why should you attend my lecture at @newman in September? Because 1) you’ll never attend anything worse and 2) that means the remainder of your life will be better! Once you hit absolute bottom, there’s no place to go but up.

You’re welcome.

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Quote of the Day

Worship 101: Why is reciting the inspired Lord’s Prayer “mindless repitition,” but singing man made lyrics over and over “powerful worship”? – Michael Svigel

Answer- it isn’t.

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A New Evangelical Magazine…

Or at least new a ‘evangelical’ magazine title idea: Pandering Times.

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As The New Semester Begins…

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The 2017 Brill Biblical Studies Catalog

For your reading pleasure.

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Some Letters of H. B. Swete – Part I

Sweet Swete Letters!

Septuaginta &c.

H. B. Swete (1835-1917)

In the course of my dissertation research I have recently found myself tucked away in the manuscripts room of the Cambridge University Library. My aim is hopefully to discover more about the regrettably unfinished project alluded to in a footnote in Swete’s Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek (1900):

“A lexicon was planned in 1895 by a Cambridge Committee, but the work is suspended for the present.”

Although you may think reading hundred year-old mail to learn more about a failed project is bizarre, the fact is that the correspondence I’ve been sorting through is over two thousand years more recent than the Egyptian personal correspondences I typically mull through in papyri.

But I digress. The point is, I haven’t yet found anything more about this delicious hint of a Cambridge Lexicon of the Septuagint that never was. However, I have found some…

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Quote of the Day

“It is good that for greater exercise in praying each of us should establish for himself certain hours which may not pass without prayer, and that in these hours all our heart’s affection may be entirely applied to that praying. These are such times as (1) when we get up in the morning, (2) before beginning our work and what we have to do that day, (3) at the hour when we take our meal and nourish ourselves with God’s good things and (4) after we have eaten, and (5) when we take our rest after all our work for the day is finished.” – John Calvin

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Is There A God?

Emil Brunner answers

To ask the question, then, “Is there a God” is to fail to be morally serious. For when one is morally serious he knows that good is not evil, that right and wrong are two different things, that one should seek the right and eschew the wrong. There is a divine order to which one must bow whether one likes to do so or not.

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Encouragement From Jerome

“I have never spared heretics, and I have done my best to make the enemies of the Church my own.” – St. Jerome

Be like Jerome.

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