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It’s Almost As Though Christians Don’t Even Know What Christianity Is…

‪Ever notice how ‘christians’ who object to the government paying for health care never complain about the government paying for bombs?‬  

This is because there is a deep and profound and widespread ignorance, among Christians, not to mention the world, as to what Christianity is.  No wonder the hapless and theologically ‪ ignorant Justin Bieber thinks that he can start his ‘own church’.  He’ll start something, and it will have adherents, but it won’t be a Church in any meaningful sense.

This is why theology needs to be taught in congregations.  Where theology isn’t taught, ignorant  heresy takes root.  Christian instruction is vital to Christianity.  Where theological education is absent, so is the Church, and so is Christian faith, regardless of how much the ignorant emergents and their ilk decry theology and its essentialness.

Learn the Christian faith or do not speak of it or attach yourself to it.  Ignorance may be bliss, but it isn’t Christian.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice if Churches Were More Christian?

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of giving people gas cards and movie passes and haircuts and backpacks and toiletries and pony rides (which anyone anywhere anytime can give), the Church gave people what they really need?  Christ.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Church were Christian instead of Rotarian or the PTO or the Lottery or the Wheel of Fortune or the Boys Club or the Girls Club or the Boy Scouts or the Prize Patrol…

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Church stopped trying to be the world and just acted like the Church?

Those Days Are Here

‘The days are coming- declares the Lord Yahweh- when I shall send a famine on the country, not hunger for food, not thirst for water, but famine for hearing Yahweh’s word.  People will stagger from sea to sea, will wander from the north to the east, searching for Yahweh’s word, but will not find it.  (Amos 8:11-12)

Signs of the Times

Behind the Scenes at the Museum of the Bible and its Hiring Policies

Here.  With thanks to Roberta Mazza for the heads up.

You Know You’re A Celebrity Pastor When You Have Staff to Tweet For You!

Today in the Spanish Inquisition

The final penalties for heresy included, in addition to the spiritual impositions of fasting and pilgrimage, confiscation of goods, imprisonment, public scourging, the galleys, exile and death. Confiscation and burning extended to the dead, against whom the charge of heresy could be made out. At Toledo, July 25, 1485, more than 400 dead were burnt in effigy. Frequently at the autos no living victims suffered. In cases of the dead their names were effaced from their tombstones, that “no memory of them should remain on the face of the earth except as recorded in our sentence.” Their male descendants, including the grandchildren, were incapacitated from occupying benefices and public positions, from riding on horseback, carrying weapons and wearing silk or ornaments. (Schaff)

The Reformation in France

The NZZ has the essay- Warum die Reformation in Frankreich mit Calvin und nicht mit Luther begann.

Ein Jahr nach seinem Sieg über die Eidgenossen bei Marignano ging Franz I. von Frankreich 1516 mit dem Papst das Konkordat von Bologna ein. Es etablierte die gallikanische Kirche als Nationalkirche: Der König schlug jeweils die Namen vor für die gut 100 Bischöfe und die rund 800 Äbte, dem Papst blieb faktisch nur das Bestätigungsrecht. Die Krone hatte damit indirekten Zugriff auf die Benefizien, das Kirchengut. Das misslang in Deutschland Kaiser Karl V., dem grossen Gegenspieler sowohl von Franz I. wie von Martin Luther: Er konnte keine deutsche Nationalkirche errichten. Vielmehr gelangte die Kontrolle über die jeweilige lutherische, aber auch katholische und später reformierte «Staatskirchen» an die rund 400 Reichsstände. Die Glaubensspaltung war entscheidend für deren föderalistische Autonomie, erhielten sie doch in unterschiedlichem Umfang die Verfügung über die Ressourcen und das Personal der Kirche.

Etc. Do enjoy.

The Guiltiest of the Trump Supporters: His Theological Sycophants…

Jerry Falwell Jr, Eric Metaxas, Franklin Graham, and all the rest who cast their lot with the evil man and have neither the courage nor the ethics to confront him for his wrongdoings are the dankest and moldiest of all his followers.  These three and the rest have abandoned Christ to embrace Caesar and they will rue the day they did so.

What is Our Responsibility as Christians to One Another?

Calvin puts it succinctly like this:

Every one of us must maintain brotherly concord with all the children of God, give due authority to the Church, and, in short, conduct ourselves as sheep of the flock (Inst. 4.1.3).

This aligns with the biblical injunction that we love one another. One another being, of course, the children of God, the people of faith. Our brothers and sisters- in Christ.  These are the people to whom we owe ourselves.

Luther to The Goat Emser

Have you never heard the fable about the roaring match between the ass and the lion? When some animals fled at the sound of the ass’s braying, the lion turned to him, saying, “If I didn’t know you are an ass, I myself would have been afraid of you.” Every day you can see that I am not afraid of those who have more skill and intelligence in one hair than you have in your whole body and soul together, and yet you dare defy me and try to scare me! Thus you really prove that you confuse stupidity with reason and have changed from a man into a goat. — Martin Luther

History Repeating Itself

American Christian supporters of Trump sound exactly like German Christian supporters of Hitler.  Exactly like.

This Is Every Huffington Post story About Christianity and the Bible

And every dilettante who talks about the Bible, all rolled up in one:

Zwingli’s City

Watch this little vidio.