Luther’s Criticism of Monastic Life

21 Jul

“Almost every night the brothers were bothered by [nocturnal emissions], so that they didn’t dare celebrate mass the next day.  But when a large number of masses that had been imposed on us and appointed for us had to be omitted on account of our refusal, it became public, and the prior conceded that anybody at all could and should celebrate mass, even if he had had nocturnal pollutions.

Phew! All the monasteries and convents ought to be dismantled on account of these shameful pollutions alone. There idle men are fattened in luxury and are incited by drunkenness and sloth to engage in such filth almost the whole day long. Dear God, protect us from such abomination; let us remain in the holy estate of matrimony, where thou dost wink at our infirmity.”  — Martin Luther

[Luther wasn’t afraid to discuss anything.]

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