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People Constantly Abuse Scripture

Ever notice how the scripture bits people like are ‘from God’ but the rest are ‘just human opinion’…. Funny how that works, isn’t it…

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My Prayer For all of You Each and Every Day

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The Bee Stings the Goober-ness of Praise Bands, Again

It’s funny, because it has never once happened-

After the worship band’s DJ nailed a “sick bass drop” in an EDM remix of popular worship song “This is Amazing Grace” at a midweek service, thousands poured to the front of Gracebeats Church to pray the sinner’s prayer and receive Christ, sources confirmed Friday.

After the worship song’s fifth chorus, the church’s house DJ reportedly felt the Spirit calling him to perform an extended musical interlude into a dope bass drop. Driving the song through a series of electronic riffs, DJ Diamond Disciple finally pulled off the bass drop while yelling, “DIAMOND GONNA D-D-D-D-D-DROP DAT BASSSSS!!!” through a synthetic voice filter, just before going into the worship song’s bridge.

At that moment, the crowds gave in and put their faith in Jesus, according to witnesses.

“I could really feel the Lord’s call on my heart building throughout the song, but when the music pulled back for a moment and the bass dropped harder than the walls surrounding Jericho, I knew it was time for me to surrender my life to Christ,” one woman said, weeping. “I once was blind, but now that DJ Diamond Disciple dropped that bass, I can see.”

Other new converts expressed similar sentiments, stating that the glory of the resurrected Christ only became clear to them when the music cut out momentarily only to return with a heavy, brutal synthetic bass line.

The vision and leadership cohort at Gracebeats Church was reportedly pleased with the wave of new converts, and quickly capitalized on the moment by announcing that the church would be adding mandatory bass drops to all hymns, praise choruses, and worship songs moving forward.

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Total Depravity: While He Drowned, Teens Watched, Filmed, and Laughed…


Police said a group of teens recorded the dying moments of a 32-year-old man last week, mocking, cursing and laughing as the man drowned in a pond.

The minute-long video, which police called “extremely disturbing,” found its way to social media and appears to depict the unidentified teens, ages 14 to 16, off-camera, laughing as the man screamed for help before going under in the murky water just after noon July 9 off Plaza Parkway.

News 6 decided not to broadcast the video but multiple people can be heard shouting, “get out of the water, you’re going to die.”

Police later found the badly decomposed body of the man, identified as Jamel Dunn, July 12. Police said the man drowned and foul play was not suspected.

What kind of animal is so indifferent?

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The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest

Holy warfare is the festering wound on the conscience of Bible-believing Christians. Of all the problems the Old Testament poses for our modern age, this is the one we want to avoid in mixed company.

But do the so-called holy war texts of the Old Testament portray a divinely inspired genocide? Did Israel slaughter Canaanites at God’s command? Were they enforcing divine retribution on an unholy people? These texts shock us. And we turn the page. But have we rightly understood them?

In The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest, John Walton and J. Harvey Walton take us on an archaeological dig, excavating the layers of translation and interpretation that over time have encrusted these texts and our perceptions. What happens when we take new approaches, frame new questions? When we weigh again their language and rhetoric? Were the Canaanites punished for sinning against the covenanting God? Does the Hebrew word herem mean “devote to destruction”? How are the Canaanites portrayed and why? And what happens when we backlight these texts with their ancient context?

The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest keenly recalibrates our perception and reframes our questions. While not attempting to provide all the answers, it offers surprising new insights and clears the ground for further understanding.

IVP have sent a review copy.  More anon.

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Jesus, Deliver Us From These Vile Deplorables


Despicable godless pagans.

Most Americans met Wednesday night’s news that Arizona Senator John McCain was facing a dire diagnosis of brain cancer with shows of respect for the elder statesman and former prisoner of war. But to some on the extreme right, the longtime Republican is a traitor worthy of scorn, presumably because of his willingness to work with Democrats, as well as his criticism of President Donald Trump.

The attack on McCain–a war hero who spent more than five years in a North Vietnamese prison—is faintly reminiscent of the early days of Trump’s presidential campaign. During a family values summit in Iowa in the summer of 2015, just a month after he’d announced his seemingly quixotic bid for the White House, Trump lashed out at McCain: “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

Such people are a cancer.

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Enoch from Antiquity to the Middle Ages

Enochians, take note-

Remnant of Giants

Exciting news for fans of Enoch and the giants. A volume from John C. Reeves and Annette Yoshiko Reed is planned for 1 March 2018 which will provide the first part of a comprehensive compendium of literature from antiquity to the Middle Ages which referenced Enoch:

John C. Reeves and Annette Yoshiko Reed, eds., Enoch from Antiquity to the Middle Ages: Sources From Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Volume I. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018. [432 pages]

There’s some more information on John C. Reeve’s UNC Charlotte project webpage. Reeves describes the aim of the “Enoch from Antiquity to the Middle Ages” project as twofold:

(1) to assemble all the fragmentary extant references to and citations of Enochic works within the aforementioned religious literatures [Jewish, Christian, gnostic, and Muslim] into one convenient collection, and (2) to compare, classify, and analyze these subsequent references and citations in order to gain a…

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The Birthday of the Office of the Holy Inquisition

It’s a big day in Papist history!

The Roman Inquisition was established by the bull Licet ab initio, July 21, 1542, under the direction of six cardinals. with plenary power to arrest and imprison persons suspected of heresy, and to confiscate their property. The famous General of the Capuchins was to be the first victim of the “Holy Office.”  (Schaff)

The good old days…

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Luther’s Criticism of Monastic Life

“Almost every night the brothers were bothered by [nocturnal emissions], so that they didn’t dare celebrate mass the next day.  But when a large number of masses that had been imposed on us and appointed for us had to be omitted on account of our refusal, it became public, and the prior conceded that anybody at all could and should celebrate mass, even if he had had nocturnal pollutions.

Phew! All the monasteries and convents ought to be dismantled on account of these shameful pollutions alone. There idle men are fattened in luxury and are incited by drunkenness and sloth to engage in such filth almost the whole day long. Dear God, protect us from such abomination; let us remain in the holy estate of matrimony, where thou dost wink at our infirmity.”  — Martin Luther

[Luther wasn’t afraid to discuss anything.]

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Those Church ‘Praise Bands’…

This should be the motto of every ‘praise band’  (photo via FB).


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