Again, Luther’s Growing Disgust in June 1545

19 Jul

From the sermon of 7 June-

This is the general way of things now. They will not tolerate preachers, except the ones who teach what they want to hear. Christ did not die so that you should be arrogant, but so that you might be freed from sins, etc.—not so that we might remain in them and continue to sin. We would do that well enough without His dying. He has not freed me so that I might do whatever I want, as I did before knowing Christ. No, but rather hear the Word and live according to it. Faith and works must be preached and sins chastised. Whoever does not want to hear can go away and give account [for himself].

In other words, if you don’t want to hear the truth, go somewhere else but don’t bother to come here.  Luther speaks here for all who speak the truth from their pulpits.

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