Fearmongering From the Far Left

Wrong.  Why?

1- The gates of hell can’t prevail against the Church.  That means the Tangerine Caligula can’t either (and he’s not even a speck of rust on the lowest hinge of the gates of hell).  Accordingly, he can’t change the course of Christianity.

2- The pseudo-Christians who follow immoral Trump aren’t members of the authentic Church, so what they do, say, or believe is totally irrelevant to Christianity.

3- Fearmongering (i.e., look out the Trumpians are taking over, you better do something [like align yourself with the far left]) won’t work either.  Those who know Christ know victory through faith.  It overcomes the world, it doesn’t adopt it’s methods or procedures or beliefs or behaviors.

The Church has nothing to fear from Trump (or Satan).  Don’t be misled into thinking otherwise.