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What’s Wrong With America in One Photo

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Quote of the Day

“If men will not understand the meaning of judgement, they will never come to understand the meaning of grace.” – Dorothy Sayers Which is why, by the way, so few understand grace.

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Vom Alten Testament und vom Neuen

This new volume may be of interest to many of you: Im Jahr 2015 kam es zu einer Debatte um den kanonischen Rang des Alten Testaments, der ein Echo auch in der kirchlichen Öffentlichkeit und in der Tagespresse fand. Ausgangspunkt … Continue reading

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The Summer Meeting of the Society for Old Testament Study begins today.  If you can’t be there, you can follow the doings on twitter at #SOTS100.  And you can learn a lot about the Society from this brilliant book by … Continue reading

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Fearmongering From the Far Left

Wrong.  Why? 1- The gates of hell can’t prevail against the Church.  That means the Tangerine Caligula can’t either (and he’s not even a speck of rust on the lowest hinge of the gates of hell).  Accordingly, he can’t change … Continue reading

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Zwingli, Calvin, and Luther on the Jews: Decidedly Not Three Peas in a Pod

Die Schweizer Reformatoren Ulrich Zwingli und Johannes Calvin seien weniger aggressiv gegenüber Juden gewesen als der deutsche Reformator Martin Luther. Dies teilte Serge Fornerod, Projektleiter Reformationsjubiläum 2017 beim Schweizerischen Evangelischen Kirchenbund (SEK), auf Anfrage von kath.ch mit. Hintergrund ist eine … Continue reading

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Today With Bullinger

On 17 July, 1532 Heinrich Bullinger gave a speech to the Zurich city council concerning recent events in Baden (on 9-10 July of that same year) where the cantons had discussed entering into an alliance with Charles V and Francis … Continue reading

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A Review of a New Edition of Bultmann’s Correspondence

Der nun erschienene Briefwechsel Rudolf Bultmanns mit Götz Harbsmeier und Ernst Wolf in den Jahren 1933 bis 1976 ist mehr als ein editorischer Lückenschluss. Wer den Band zur Hand nimmt, bekommt fast alle Fäden in die Hand, die theologiegeschichtlich und … Continue reading

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The GOP Deserves It

After choosing Trump and then standing by while he attempts to dismantle democracy, the GOP deserves to die.

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The Week That Was

A good week considering it’s Summer: Etc.- down through the 1’s.

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Quote of the Day

‘The days are coming- declares the Lord Yahweh- when I shall send a famine on the country, not hunger for food, not thirst for water, but famine for hearing Yahweh’s word.  People will stagger from sea to sea, will wander … Continue reading

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