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‘Doing’ Theology

‪Theology is more than talking about God. It’s thinking about God WITH the church in its life and faith and then describing the results.‬  Any dimwit can talk about God but that doesn’t mean they are doing theology any more than someone talking about the weather is doing meteorology.

I’m Going to Go Ahead and Say, Nope

Saw this tweet, so of course I was curious- having never heard of the person –

So I googled- and landed on his home page, where he advertises his latest album-

Parental advisory? Nope, not the 21st century’s greatest theologian and not even a very good Christian either.

Too judgmental?  Maybe, but I don’t really care.  Someone isn’t a theologian just because they talk about God or are a rapper and they certainly aren’t the greatest theologian of the century when they use such profane language that they have to issue a warning about the content of their work.

Zwingli in the Berlin Cathedral

Thanks, John!

Conservatism Has To Change Before It Loses its Soul, Heart, and Mind (If it Hasn’t Already)

If Republicans do not wish to repeat the mistakes of the German conservatives of the 1930s, they had better find their courage – and their conservatism – fast

And the rest.

Signs of the Times: My Favorite Priest


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Signs of the Times

Lest You Forget

Testament of Moses

A question for the art historians: why is Satan naked when he tries to take the body of Moses?

Reading Acts

The first few fragmentary verses set the context for the testament.  Moses called Joshua and commanded him to go forth in the strength of the Lord. Moses tells Joshua he was prepared by the Lord to be the mediator of the covenant and now he is about to die.  Moses must pass along to Joshua some knowledge and books which he is to preserve. Moses tells Joshua will lead the people into the land, but some of the tribes will violate the covenant and commit idolatry.

Chapter 3-4 “predicts” the fall Jerusalem in 586 B.C., the exile and the return from exile. Moses predicts they will be captives in the east for seventy-seven years (rather than expected seventy years). A prophet-like character will pray to the Lord on behalf of the nation, as does Daniel in Dan. 9:4-19. God will remember his covenant and return two of the tribes to…

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The Bible Doesn’t Call it a Whale

This is what happens when people who don’t read the Bible talk about or write about the Bible-

Earliest mosaic of Jonah and the whale found in Galilee synagogue


Unprecedented depictions of the biblical Jonah and the whale have been found at a fifth-century Roman synagogue in Israel’s lower Galilee. In the recently discovered mosaic, Jonah’s legs are shown dangling from the mouth of a large fish, which is being swallowed by a larger fish, which is being consumed by a third, even larger fish.

Here, let me give you a hand with the biblical text:

‎וימן יהוה דג גדול לבלע את־יונה ויהי יונה במעי הדג שׁלשׁה ימים ושׁלשׁה לילות׃

The relevant phrase is

דג גדול

‘Great fish’. That’s it. Not ‘whale’.

Might it have been a whale? Who knows. But calling it a whale is a misrepresentation of the biblical text. And that’s just not going to happen as long as I have breath.  Accordingly, here’s your well deserved Dilly-

Signs of the Times

Trump’s actual advisers…

A Most Interesting Passage From Heinrich Bullinger on the Bondage of Sin

Now we come to the second part of bondage. The spiritual bondage hath a certain likeness to the bodily servitude. For Adam by his own fault became a bondman; and we of him are all born bondmen He was once at liberty, and had the Lord to be his friend and favourer; but he did disloyally revolt from God, and got himself another master, the devil, a tyrant as cruel as may be, who for his sin having gotten power over him did, like a merciless lord, miserably handle him like a bond-servant.

Now we of our corrupt grandsire are born corrupt and sinners, and for our sin are also under the devil’s dominion; we are in danger of the law, and of the curse thereof: for we are the bond-slaves of sin; we are made subject to sundry calamities by reason of our sin. This therefore is called the spiritual bondage, not because it is only in the mind of man, but because of the opposition whereby it is opposed to the bodily bondage.

For otherwise sin hath made our body also subject to the curse: neither do we sin in mind alone, but in the body also; for every part and all the members of our bodies are subject unto sin, and infected with iniquity. Therefore we serve in most miserable bondage, while, being under the devil’s dominion, we do the things that please the flesh, by the egging on of evil affections, to the bringing forth of fruit, or rather to the making of abortion with peril of our lives, to the devil, our cruel and our rigorous master; for this verily is our hardest and most lamentable servitude and bondage.*
*The Decades of Henry Bullinger: The Third Decade (9th Sermon) (T. Harding, Ed.) (pp. 304–305).