More Interesting Thoughts on Hobby Lobby and the Green Family

14 Jul

Dispelling the Myths Around the Hobby Lobby Antiquities Case.

The author makes these important points:

1. Claiming a connection between Hobby Lobby and ISIS to score points against against the conservative organization trivializes a very serious situation.

2. This may actually be something of a victory for Hobby Lobby.

Most importantly,

3. These looted artifacts are above all the cultural heritage of Iraq and Iraqis, not of American and European scholars.

And of equal importance,

4. Scholars who work on looted, smuggled, or otherwise undocumented material play an indirect but pivotal role in the process of destroying cultural heritage.

Read it!

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One response to “More Interesting Thoughts on Hobby Lobby and the Green Family

  1. John Roth

    14 Jul 2017 at 1:14 pm

    Interesting article, and thanks for highlighting it. Points 1 and 2 deserve some serious contemplation.

    However, it’s points 3 and 4 that I want to address. Would you say that the Cahokia mounds are part of the cultural heritage of the U.S.? They have essentially nothing to do with modern U.S. culture other than being within the territory of the United States. I would say the same is true of the Mesopotamian civilizations: they have essentially nothing to do with the modern culture of Iraq or the other countries in the area other than being in their territorial boundaries. They are world cultural heritage, not national cultural heritage.

    This is not to reduce the significance of looting and the private antiquities market.