Even the Papists Are Sick of the American ‘Evangelicals’- Whom They Recognize as Manichaeans

Finally, someone in authority recognized that the effort to link conservative Catholics and evangelicals was always more about politics than about religion and that it was bound to alienate many churchgoers, distorting the faith with a political outlook that was, as the authors note, rooted in a divisive and anti-intellectual worldview that should be anathema to a Catholic…

Finally, someone within a semi-official organ of the Holy See stated that there is something unchristian about the Manichaean worldview adopted by too many political leaders of the United States, a worldview that places the American government in the role of world savior and that invites endless conflict with someone (anyone?) in order to justify large Pentagon budgets and continuing arms sales….

Finally, someone pointed out that the writings of Norman Vincent Peale were as pathetically superficial (“If you believe in something, you get it!”) as they were (and are) popular and that they were a hop, skip and a jump from the shallow “prosperity Gospel” nonsense that turns the actual Gospel on its head….

Finally, someone in authority recognized that there is a limit to what concern for religious liberty can justify, that a proper concern for religious liberty does not permit religious believers to absent themselves from other concerns proper to a citizen, still less to challenge the secularity of the state….

Finally, someone took on Church Militant by name and called it out for its “shocking rhetoric.”

Finally, someone in authority said that fear is being whipped up to manipulate people and cultures, that a Christian church should have no part in that, and, indeed, that insofar as a fight over power is at the root of so many political conflicts, the church needs to be wary of even choosing sides….

Finally, someone in the Church has stood up and spoken the truth about American ‘Evangelicalism’:  It is heresy.  So, go ahead, call yourself an ‘Evangelical’.  What the rest of us here is ‘Manichaean.’