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Signs of the Times

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Even the Papists Are Sick of the American ‘Evangelicals’- Whom They Recognize as Manichaeans

Finally, someone in authority recognized that the effort to link conservative Catholics and evangelicals was always more about politics than about religion and that it was bound to alienate many churchgoers, distorting the faith with a political outlook that was, as the authors note, rooted in a divisive and anti-intellectual worldview that should be anathema to a Catholic…

Finally, someone within a semi-official organ of the Holy See stated that there is something unchristian about the Manichaean worldview adopted by too many political leaders of the United States, a worldview that places the American government in the role of world savior and that invites endless conflict with someone (anyone?) in order to justify large Pentagon budgets and continuing arms sales….

Finally, someone pointed out that the writings of Norman Vincent Peale were as pathetically superficial (“If you believe in something, you get it!”) as they were (and are) popular and that they were a hop, skip and a jump from the shallow “prosperity Gospel” nonsense that turns the actual Gospel on its head….

Finally, someone in authority recognized that there is a limit to what concern for religious liberty can justify, that a proper concern for religious liberty does not permit religious believers to absent themselves from other concerns proper to a citizen, still less to challenge the secularity of the state….

Finally, someone took on Church Militant by name and called it out for its “shocking rhetoric.”

Finally, someone in authority said that fear is being whipped up to manipulate people and cultures, that a Christian church should have no part in that, and, indeed, that insofar as a fight over power is at the root of so many political conflicts, the church needs to be wary of even choosing sides….

Finally, someone in the Church has stood up and spoken the truth about American ‘Evangelicalism’:  It is heresy.  So, go ahead, call yourself an ‘Evangelical’.  What the rest of us here is ‘Manichaean.’

The Bee Stings Trump’s Immigration Policy: Jesus Detained At Border While Attempting Second Coming

While attempting to return to take His church up into glory Friday morning, Jesus of Nazareth was reportedly detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, who have been instructed to halt immigration from several major Middle Eastern and African countries.

As the Messiah descended into Chula Vista while kicking off the foretold, worldwide taking up of His church into glory, He was reportedly tackled to the ground and detained without due process.

“He didn’t look like an American, and He sure as heck wasn’t speaking English,” a Border Protection agent told reporters. “We decided we’d hang onto Him for a few days until we could get His paperwork sorted out, just to be safe.”

The agent also claimed the Lord, wearing a robe dipped in blood, was acting belligerent, having entered the airport with what was described as “a loud shout,” and the Arabic-looking Man was later found to be carrying suspicious-looking scrolls written in some kind of “scary, Middle Eastern language.”

“There was even a deafening, ominous trumpet blast when He showed up, so we’re not ruling out a mass terrorist conspiracy here,” the agent added.

At publishing time, the FBI had been called in to take over the situation, as the Savior had been found to be concealing a large, sharp sword in His mouth.


On the twitter, this announcement-

@ddale8 — Christian Broadcasting journalist David Brody is co-authoring a book called The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography.

A Monk’s Tale

If you’re in Britain, this might be something you’d like to attend.

This show is about Martin Luther. And it’s for people who aren’t quite sure which Luther we’re talking about. With a feeling of Horrible Histories and Monty Python, A Monk’s Tale helps the audience understand the unfamiliar medieval mindset, and exactly what Luther was trying to do with his 95 Theses, which sparked one of the most significant movements in history: the Reformation.

The show is light, accessible and funny, using sketches, and songs to explain the specifics of the story: the indulgences, purgatory, the sacraments and theological disputes of the period. As the play unfolds, the audience will be informed and challenged as well as entertained and amused.

Suitable for all ages and all faiths, as well as skeptics, the fast-paced hour-long show also covers the Wycliffe and the Lollards, popes, princes and the seismic changes brought on by the internet of its time, the Printing Press.

Wittenberg in Luther’s Day

This is really a fantastic reconstruction.

Der Künstler Yadegar Asisi malt die Stadt Wittenberg so,  wie sie im 16. Jahrhundert ausgesehen hat.  Das besondere dabei ist die Größe des Kunst-Werkes:  Es ist ein großes, rundes Gemälde.  Man kann es wie einen Raum betreten.  Wenn man sich im Kreis dreht,  kann man um sich herum das ganze Gemälde anschauen.  Dazu sagt man auch: Panorama.  Durch das Panorama kann man die Stadt Wittenberg  neu erleben und kennenlernen.

The images are from Kanton Zurich’s FB page.


This sourcebook collects about 170 texts dating from 1670 to 1770. From the perspective of different disciplines they offer an approach to this early modern reform movement in its social and cultural contexts. 

The topics of the twenty chapters include community approaches, practice of piety and academic theology, communication and media, mission and international relations, politics, education, gender roles, welfare, art and art criticism, economics and natural sciences. 

A short introduction to each section and to every source text, short comments, cross-references, further bibliographical references and indices of persons, places and biblical passages facilitate a quick orientation.

More Interesting Thoughts on Hobby Lobby and the Green Family

Dispelling the Myths Around the Hobby Lobby Antiquities Case.

The author makes these important points:

1. Claiming a connection between Hobby Lobby and ISIS to score points against against the conservative organization trivializes a very serious situation.

2. This may actually be something of a victory for Hobby Lobby.

Most importantly,

3. These looted artifacts are above all the cultural heritage of Iraq and Iraqis, not of American and European scholars.

And of equal importance,

4. Scholars who work on looted, smuggled, or otherwise undocumented material play an indirect but pivotal role in the process of destroying cultural heritage.

Read it!

On True Confession

To confess is to acknowledge that of which you are reproached or accused; as those whose consciences were pricked by the preaching of John acknowledged that the case was as he taught. So today those confess their sins who when they hear the word of God are conscience stricken so that they recognize their trouble, and straightway betake themselves to the physician.

Finally, we confess our sins when we inform our neighbor or some learned scholar of our secret guilt, in order that he may join us in asking forgiveness of the Heavenly Father, or may find counsel, as has been said, that will enable us to resist evil thereafter. — Huldrych Zwingli

Zwingli’s Theology In One Volume: Today With Zwingli

zwingliPersons interested in learning Zwingli’s theological viewpoint on just about everything should read his
Auslegen und Gründe der Schlußreden, 14. Juli 1523 in Huldreich Zwinglis sämtliche Werke, vol. 2 (Leipzig: Heinsius, 1908) (Corpus Reformatorum 89).

In that text he covers everything from Christology to Church music.  The volume is an expansion of and commentary on his earlier 67 Articles.  He concludes with an invitation to his reader to send along any recommended corrections.  He also urges them to point out any place where he may have erred concerning his interpretation of Scripture.

Und ob ich an dem sinn der götlichen gschrifft geirrt hette und sich das mit der gschrifft erfunde an einem oder andren ort, daran die bewärnus läge, enbüt ich mich bericht lassen werden, doch nit mit menschen leren oder satzungen, sunder mit der gschrifft, die theopneustos [θεόπνευστος], das ist: von got ingsprochen, heißt. Ouch sol man mir den verstand der gschrifft nit mit vätteren, sunder mit der selbs gschrifft bewysen.

Denn ich mich ouch enbüt, die duncklen gschrifft nit uß minem kopff mit unnützem gschwetz ze bewären, sunder den sinn, den ich uß der geschrifft darbring, den wil ich mit der geschrifft bewären, und muoß die gschrifft min und aller menschen richter sin unnd der mensch nit richter über das wort gottes, in hoffnung, Christus, der die warheit ist, werde sin wort nit lassen undertruckt werden, sunder den schyn siner gnad und eeren uns armen sündren ie mee unnd me durch es offnen. Dem sye mit dem vatter und heilgem geist, einem gott, lob, eer und danck geseit in die ewigheit! Amen!

Now that’s a wise way to end a volume.

NB– If English is your language of choice, this is one of the far too few works of Zwingli that have been translated.  Here.