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Signs of the Times

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Even the Papists Are Sick of the American ‘Evangelicals’- Whom They Recognize as Manichaeans

Finally, someone in authority recognized that the effort to link conservative Catholics and evangelicals was always more about politics than about religion and that it was bound to alienate many churchgoers, distorting the faith with a political outlook that was, … Continue reading

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The Bee Stings Trump’s Immigration Policy: Jesus Detained At Border While Attempting Second Coming

While attempting to return to take His church up into glory Friday morning, Jesus of Nazareth was reportedly detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, who have been instructed to halt immigration from several major Middle Eastern and African … Continue reading

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Luther For Today

God has set before us two ways in his Word, the way to salvation through faith and the way to damnation through unbelief. — Martin Luther

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On the twitter, this announcement- @ddale8 — Christian Broadcasting journalist David Brody is co-authoring a book called The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography.

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A Monk’s Tale

If you’re in Britain, this might be something you’d like to attend. This show is about Martin Luther. And it’s for people who aren’t quite sure which Luther we’re talking about. With a feeling of Horrible Histories and Monty Python, A Monk’s Tale helps the … Continue reading

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Wittenberg in Luther’s Day

This is really a fantastic reconstruction. Der Künstler Yadegar Asisi malt die Stadt Wittenberg so,  wie sie im 16. Jahrhundert ausgesehen hat.  Das besondere dabei ist die Größe des Kunst-Werkes:  Es ist ein großes, rundes Gemälde.  Man kann es wie … Continue reading

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This sourcebook collects about 170 texts dating from 1670 to 1770. From the perspective of different disciplines they offer an approach to this early modern reform movement in its social and cultural contexts.  The topics of the twenty chapters include … Continue reading

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More Interesting Thoughts on Hobby Lobby and the Green Family

Dispelling the Myths Around the Hobby Lobby Antiquities Case. The author makes these important points: 1. Claiming a connection between Hobby Lobby and ISIS to score points against against the conservative organization trivializes a very serious situation. 2. This may … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: The Explanation of the 67 Articles

On 14 July 1523 Zwingli published his very long ‘Explanation’ of the 67 Articles he had put together to explain his Reformatory program. It’s good stuff. You can read the Articles here. If you read German, you can read the … Continue reading

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On True Confession

To confess is to acknowledge that of which you are reproached or accused; as those whose consciences were pricked by the preaching of John acknowledged that the case was as he taught. So today those confess their sins who when … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s Theology In One Volume: Today With Zwingli

Persons interested in learning Zwingli’s theological viewpoint on just about everything should read his Auslegen und Gründe der Schlußreden, 14. Juli 1523 in Huldreich Zwinglis sämtliche Werke, vol. 2 (Leipzig: Heinsius, 1908) (Corpus Reformatorum 89). In that text he covers … Continue reading

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