If The Perverse Behavior of Donald Trump Represents your ‘Christian Values’, You Are as Lost as He Is

This is beyond disgraceful.

President Donald Trump was captured on video Thursday openly admiring the body of France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron in front of both his wife, Melania Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron.

“You’re in such good shape… Beautiful,” Trump told Macron in the video, which was first posted to the French President’s official Facebook page before making its way around Twitter.

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing was quick to jump on the comments, noting that Trump is “a man who frankly saw his own campaign threatened by comments on women’s looks.”

“It’s just so inappropriate,” her guest, Matt Miller added, comparing to the incident last month when the president “leered” at an Irish reporter in the Oval Office. “This is an embarrassment for the entire nation. He is talking about the spouse of a head of state of a foreign nation and he is treating her like one of the beauty contestants in the pageants he used to run.”

As Business Insider pointed out, Trump and his wife have nearly the exact same age gap as Macron and his wife. Though while President Trump is 24 years older than Melania at 71, Macron is 25 years younger than Brigitte at just 39.

What a lecherous Cretin this Trump is.

2 thoughts on “If The Perverse Behavior of Donald Trump Represents your ‘Christian Values’, You Are as Lost as He Is

  1. C.K. Reyes (@chriskurtreyes)

    Have you forgotten about Bill Clinton’s behavior? How about J.F.K. and Marilyn Monroe? Or do they get a pass on account of being torch bearing Democrats? Your hatred for Trump is keeping you from being an objective commentator. You give off a lot of heat but little light. Perhaps you should avoid blogging when angry.


    1. Jim Post author

      the fact that you haven’t been paying attention to my more than a decade remarking about politicians of all stripes is shown by the fact that you are simply interested in defending trump. had you read what i’ve written about clinton or obama (kennedy was before blogging, just fyi), then you wouldn’t offer such an ignorant observation.


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