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Rudolf Bultmann: Briefwechsel mit Götz Harbsmeier und Ernst Wolf 1933–1976

Die Briefwechsel Rudolf Bultmanns mit dem Praktischen Theologen Götz Harbsmeier sowie dem Kirchenhistoriker und späteren Systematiker Ernst Wolf werden in einer gemeinsamen Edition zugänglich gemacht. Schließlich berühren sich die beiden Korrespondenzen nicht nur vielfach inhaltlich, sondern nehmen auch aufeinander Bezug. … Continue reading

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If The Perverse Behavior of Donald Trump Represents your ‘Christian Values’, You Are as Lost as He Is

This is beyond disgraceful. President Donald Trump was captured on video Thursday openly admiring the body of France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron in front of both his wife, Melania Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron. “You’re in such good shape… … Continue reading

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16th C. Edinburgh

Via Hywel Clifford

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Ulrich Zwinglis Ethik

This new volume has just appeared from TVZ- In Ulrich Zwinglis Ethik spiegeln sich entscheidende Stationen seiner Biographie wider: seine Kritik am Solddienstwesen, seine Begegnung mit dem Humanismus und seine Pesterkrankung. Anhand dieser Stationen ethischer Sensibilisierung kristallisiert der Ethiker Matthias … Continue reading

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Ja Oder Nein… Once More

Luther this time (and take note of the tiny print at the bottom of the poster.  Cheeky devil).

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Science or Politics? Where is the Oldest Archaeological Journal, PEQ, Headed?

New in Bible and Interpretation.   Give it a look.  I’m very keen to see Philip’s rejoinder.

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Ja Oder Nein!

Brill posted these photos on their Facebook page.  I think they’re brilliant!

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Why Archaeological Antiquities Should Not Be Sold on the Open Market, Period

This is a great essay, and quite correct too. Illicit antiquities are once again in the headlines. US retailer Hobby Lobby was recently fined US$3m (£2.3m) for illegally acquiring antiquities that were most likely looted from Iraq. Collectors and museums are therefore … Continue reading

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How Racist Trump Supporters ‘Think’

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Anti-Atheism in Early Modern England 1580-1720: The Atheist Answered and His Error Confuted

Atheists generated widespread anxieties between the Reformation and the Enlightenment. In response to such anxieties a distinct genre of religious apologetics emerged in England between 1580 and 1720. By examining the form and the content of the confutation of atheism, … Continue reading

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Jerome: On Cowardice

Although I will not listen to fault-finders, I will follow the advice of teachers. To direct the fighter how to fight when you yourself occupy a post of vantage on the wall is a kind of teaching that does not … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

The prohibition to the clergy of marriage comes from the devil not from God. — Huldrych Zwingli

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