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Nope, and No Points For Trying Either

Sorry but the Jesus you wish for isn’t the Jesus who was. You’ll find it utterly impossible to mold him into your postmodern pro leftist ideological image.

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No, Mr Keller, He Never Said That

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The Articles Concerning Predestination

Articles concerning Predestination Before the first man was created, God in his eternal counsel had determined what he willed to be done with the whole human race. In the hidden counsel of God it was determined that Adam should fall … Continue reading

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Arminius Apologizes on Calvin’s Birthday

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The Corruption of Biblical Studies

This is a fantastic essay by Jonathan Berman of Bar Ilan.  With thanks to William Ross for the heads up. Midway through we read The point: in biblical studies, there are two types of practitioners: genuine scholars, and conservative scholars. … Continue reading

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Salon on the Greens, With Multiple Nods to Mazza

Here.  Great read.

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Corbyn and the Development of the Bennite Bible

James Crossley writes I’m going to try and livestream ‘Corbyn and the Development of the Bennite Bible’ on Wednesday, July 12, from BCTR in Birmingham. The paper is due to start at 5pm (UK time) and will last about 30 … Continue reading

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Christian Dogmatics: An Introduction

This one- volume systematic theology presents an accessible, orthodox overview of the Christian faith for students, teachers, pastors, and serious lay readers. Cornelis van der Kooi and Gijsbert van den Brink not only cover all the traditional themes-creation, sin, Jesus … Continue reading

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It’s Funny Because It’s True

The entire church body at Grace Valley Church tragically suffered from heat exhaustion Sunday morning, as an usher mistakenly set the thermostat to just above 72 degrees Fahrenheit before the church’s 10:30 a.m. service, sources confirmed Monday. The error was … Continue reading

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The Church Is Still Trusted By A Majority of Americans…

Although evidently not enough for most Americans to make it a regular part of their lives…  Funny how that works.

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The Green collection and the Museum of the Bible: 443,000 square meters of mess

Originally posted on Roberta Mazza:
One of the tablets confiscated by US customs. Source: the United States Department of Justice. Readers who have followed my blog could have imagined my reaction to last week’s press release concerning the civil forfeiture…

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Learn About Calvin

With this.

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Calvin Congress 2018 Call For Papers

I’ll be there.  DV.

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Calvin on Doctrineless Sermonizing

[Where] there is seldom any doctrine used … it were better for the wicked babblers even then to hold their peace, who thrust in their own unclean inventions instead of the Word of God, and pollute with the stink of … Continue reading

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Calvin and Birthday Whistles


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Calvin Doodled

Brill write on their facebook page- Happy birthday, John Calvin! This doodle of the French reformer was made by one of his students, thought to have been Jacques Bourgoin. It adorns the cover of Jon Balserak’s book “Establishing the Remnant … Continue reading

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Natural Selection is Clearly Bogus Nonsense…

If it were true, these amazingly dumb people would have been weeded out of the gene pool by now.  They are literally too stupid for words.

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The Birth of Calvin

John Calvin was born on the 10th of July, 1509, in the small town of Noyon, in Picardy. His grandfather was a cooper, and owned a small house on the banks of the river Oise. His father, Gerard Cauvin—the name … Continue reading

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