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She Left He Child in A Hot Car, Was Arrested, And Complained that the Cruiser Was Too Hot…

A mother accused of leaving her 5-year-old son inside a hot car while she shopped complained to police that “it was hot” inside a police cruiser. South Daytona police told WESH in Orlando that the temperature inside the car was … Continue reading

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Naming The Names of those Who Teach Falsely

In his Commentary on True and False Religion Zwingli, who normally didn’t mention those against whom he wrote, made an exception- remarking Emser and Eck … are pests to the teachings of Christ. Their own wanton recklessness has forced me to … Continue reading

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Rudolf Bultmann’s Advice to all Biblical Scholars

In today’s parlance- if you don’t understand it, don’t talk about it.  And if you don’t have first hand familiarity with it, leave it to those who do to explain.

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Hell as Everlasting Misery

Matthew Hafenreffer opines- “They are the most exquisite pains of soul and body (for both had sinned), arising from the fear and sense of the most just wrath and vengeance of God against sins, the most sad consciousness of which … Continue reading

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Today With Bullinger: His Entrance at the University of Cologne

His earliest education was commenced in his fifth year in the school of his native place: but such was his fondness for learning, application, and forwardness, that in his twelfth year, June 11, 1516, his father sent him to a … Continue reading

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Angela Merkel is All of Us Today

She has the best eyerolls…

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Joyce Meyer is a False Teacher…

So if you buy her books, or, now, her ‘Bible’, you’re embracing false teaching.  And, by the way, shame on the publisher of this crap rubbish. via Nick Norelli on Twitter

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Once More, in Case You Missed It: Collected Essays of Erhard Gerstenberger

Selected Writings of Erhard S. Gerstenberger, prof. em. of Old Testament, Marburg There has been published by the University Library of Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, a large collection of essays by OT professor Erhard S. Gerstenberger written over the past 50 years. … Continue reading

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Dressing For Success at SBL

If you want to make a splash at SBL and your paper is absolute gut rot, follow the lead of these international superstars and dress for success! PS- Don’t wear shoes.  It adds to the hipster aura.

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