Totally Unrealistic

07 Jul

That never happens.

Representatives for local Christian radio station 102.9 “The Light On Your Radio” issued an official apology Thursday morning after accidentally playing a good song on their affiliate radio stations. A programming error reportedly caused the non-terrible song to be broadcast in its entirety.

“There’s no excuse, and we apologize,” a station representative said. “We meant to play another vapid pop song with the word ‘Jesus’ wedged in there throughout, and somehow a song with deep themes and solid musical execution just slipped into the queue when we weren’t looking.”

Horrified listeners reportedly phoned in complaints throughout the morning.

“I rely on The Light to play ‘God’s Not Dead’ fourteen times every morning so I can make it through my difficult office job,” one local woman told reporters. “And they let me down, only playing the song twelve times today due to the mishap. I’m really considering pulling my pledge of $40 per month if this kind of thing continues.”

Never happens… totally unrealistic.

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