How Did Hobby Lobby Become the Object of Leftist Rage?

Simply put, several years ago the company decided it didn’t wish to provide certain medical benefits to employees.  Benefits, by all rights, that should be offered to any citizen.

But HL saw things differently and pursued legal action to assert their rights.  As do most companies when faced with requirements they deem unfounded governmental interference.

Meanwhile, its owners were also engaged in acquiring antiquities from both reputable and shady dealers so as to stock the shelves of its Bible Museum.  Of course everyone knows that museums all around the world have items in their collections that were either looted or obtained shadily.

In short, Hobby Lobby hasn’t done anything that dozens of museums and hundreds of companies haven’t done.  So why is the raging fury of the Left focused on HL and not the many other companies and museums that have done similar things?

In my opinion the answer is stunningly simple- HL is attempting to advance a particular fundamentalist reading of Scripture.  That’s it.  It’s fundamentalism the Left finds so galling and HL has become the poster child for that ideology.

It isn’t out of concern for antiquities (else other more egregious offenders would be in focus) or concern for birth control pills (else other entities that do not provide that benefit would be in focus): it is because HL is Fundamentalism writ large corporately that makes it the object of Leftist ire.

The ‘tolerant’ Left aims to rid society of competing ideological perspectives.  Pure and simple- that is its end game.  Hence the unfettered hatred of HL.

[NB- I think Fundamentalism is dumb.  No one should take my remarks as a defense of it. Rather, I am simply interested in the disdain for HL I see in so many on the Left].

One thought on “How Did Hobby Lobby Become the Object of Leftist Rage?

  1. John Roth

    This one has me scratching my head. There are few things that the Left is less concerned with than Christian doctrinal issues. The actual reason is otherwise: the Affordable Care Act is one of the Left’s hot buttons because it’s one of the Obama era’s legislative successes. Hobby Lobby was part of the Republican attempt to weaken or eliminate it. That’s why the company is in the Left’s cross-hairs.

    To add a disclaimer, I’m not a fan of the ACA. From my perspective, the problem with the American health care system is the vast number of organizations that are single-mindedly milking it for all they can get. The ACA is simply throwing more tax money at the profiteers.


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