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Totally Unrealistic

That never happens. Representatives for local Christian radio station 102.9 “The Light On Your Radio” issued an official apology Thursday morning after accidentally playing a good song on their affiliate radio stations. A programming error reportedly caused the non-terrible song … Continue reading

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Go See Spiderman: Homecoming

It’s a great film.

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If Larry Feels Betrayed It’s Because Larry Wasn’t Paying Attention

Larry Hurtado expresses, today, shock and horror at the dealings of the Greens and their recently much ballyhooed (and gleefully reported) Justice Department problems.  This shock and horror provokes two thoughts: 1- If Larry had bothered interacting with other scholars, … Continue reading

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A Little Lutheran Prodigy

David Chytraeus David Chytraeus (Kochhaff), sometimes called the last of the Lutheran Fathers, was born at Ingelfingen, near Swabian Hall, in Würtemberg, February 26, 1530. He received the rudiments of his education at Gemmingen, where he advanced rapidly in his … Continue reading

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Free Articles On the Reformation in Cambridge Journals

Right here.  I don’t know how long they’ll be free, so take a look before they’re gone.

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Signs of the Times

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‘Marriage For All’ Is Marriage For None

A very interesting and thought provoking essay on the topic of marriage equality concludes Bleibt nur die Frage, was der Staat noch gegen die Polygamie vorbringen kann. Wenn es tatsächlich so ist, dass in Zukunft die «Ehe für alle» gilt, … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Take from man the knowledge and care of divine things, and his skill and care in human things will not take him out of the ranks of the brutes. For the brutes all have a care for themselves and their … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s ‘Petition for Priests to Marry’ and a Little Help from a Friend

On 7 July 1522, while Zwingli was preparing his little booklet on the freedom of priests to marry, his friend in Lucerne, one Johannes Xylotectus, sent him a note with a tiny story to help Zwimgli make his point. Xylotectus … Continue reading

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Calvin: On Ridding the Church of Wicked Pastors

This is becoming more and more important.  Churches should pay attention and act accordingly: We recognize no other pastors in the Church than faithful pastors of the Word of God, feeding the sheep of Jesus Christ on the one hand … Continue reading

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How Did Hobby Lobby Become the Object of Leftist Rage?

Simply put, several years ago the company decided it didn’t wish to provide certain medical benefits to employees.  Benefits, by all rights, that should be offered to any citizen. But HL saw things differently and pursued legal action to assert … Continue reading

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