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Scsc 2017 Program

The draft program for the 2017 SCSC conference is now available online at: http://scscdocuments.org/files/SCSC2017ProgDraft.pdf It appears my paper is Saturday at 1.  Y’all come for the fun.

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To All The ‘Hobby Lobby is Awful’ Bandwagon-ers…

Where was your concern for illicitly obtained antiquities when Biblical Archaeology Review was advertising their sale on its pages?

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Countries That Care More About Others than the U.S. Does

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The Reason the Government Wants the Church to ‘Do Welfare’

The State wants the Church to ‘do welfare’ because the State wants to use its money for war. #AThoughtProvokedBySomething  James Crossley said.

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The Bee Stings the Crazy Charismatics

Local Pentecostal Amy Denton is reportedly tired of clarifying that she is not “one of those weird Charismatics” any time someone finds out she is Pentecostal, sources close to her confirmed Wednesday. Whenever Denton has a conversation with a Christian … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

«Genauso ziehen auch die Monopolisten nach und nach alles an sich, und wird ihnen das Wasser nicht abgegraben, so werdet auch ihr mit euren Untertanen ihr Eigentum.» — Zwingli, Wer Ursache zum Aufruhr gibt, 1524

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Trump’s Followers So Unfamiliar With American History, They Are Angered When NPR Reads the Declaration of Independence

Not The Onion– For 29 years, National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” has celebrated the Fourth of July with a reading of the Declaration of Independence by hosts, reporters, newscasters and commentators. This historically uncontroversial testament to the nation’s founding document proved uncontroversial-no-more … Continue reading

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If You Have Used Davila’s ‘Pseudepigrapha’

He’d like your input. DEAR READERS, Many of you have heard of the book I co-edited with Richard Bauckham and Alexander Panayotov: Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: More Noncanonical Scriptures, Volume 1 (Eerdmans, 2013). If any of you have used the book … Continue reading

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Sister of the Earliest Complete Old Testament Discovered

Tyndale House Research Associate Dr Kim Phillips identifies the writing style of Samuel ben Jacob in newly published digitised photographs of a manuscript from the Firkowich collection in the depths of the National Library of Russia archives of St Petersburg. … Continue reading

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