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When Authentic Christians Read NT Wright…

This is their reaction-

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Happy 4th, And Remember…

Patriotism is great. Nationalism is idolatry.  #July4th

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Luther- The Mirror into Which Too Many Gaze and See their Own Puckered Reflection

Anti-semites claim Luther, misogynists claim Luther, and Luther’s enemies focus on decontextualized sayings. Poor Luther.  He’s far too often the mirror into which too many gaze only to see their own distorted and evil selves. Let Luther be Luther- not … Continue reading

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More Stinging by the Bee of Ridiculous Nationalism

Bravo. In honor of the Fourth of July holiday, the Smithsonian’s American History Museum announced Monday it would be displaying the covenant God signed with America upon the founding of the nation in 1776. The historical contract famously outlines the … Continue reading

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Blog Resuscitation

Originally posted on LXX Studies:
My blogging has lay dormant for far too long. I have updated my About page and given a new look to the blog. I have also changed the tagline (Enquiring into the Biblical Text and…

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The Bee Stings the Worship America Worship Service

“Truly inspired and deeply moved” by his church’s patriotic 4th of July service, and particularly his pastor’s message, titled “The Shining City Upon A Hill,” local man Jim Radcliffe announced Monday his intention to launch into a comprehensive study of … Continue reading

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A Splendid Tool For Reformation Research

Is the Schweizerisches Idiotikon: Schweizerdeutsches Wörterbuch. Users can easily find obscure words and their definitions as used in Swiss literature from 1000 CE to the present. So, for instance, if you’re looking for a word Bullinger used in a 1552 … Continue reading

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Fun Facts from Church History: Calvin’s System of Sermonizing

To give you some idea of the scope of the Calvin’s pulpit, he began his series on the book of Acts on August 25, 1549, and ended it in March of 1554. After Acts he went on to the epistles … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: Being Jewish, Writing Greek

Coming in September 6-8: Being Jewish, Writing Greek is a conference at the University of Cambridge which aims to explore the literary aspects of Jewish texts in Greek in the Hellenistic and Imperial period (ca. 3rd century B.C.E. to 3rd … Continue reading

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That Statue of Zwingli With the Sword and Bible

Here’s, as Paul Harvey used to say, the ‘rest of the story’.  A story the partisans of Luther need to know and hear. The Zwingli festival [of 1884] was not merely an echo of the Luther festival, but was observed … Continue reading

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