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A New Book on the Miracle Stories of the Gospels

Read all about it.

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Zwingli and Politics

The latest Schattenwurf Zwinglis is up- Zum ersten Mal wurde der 1. August  im Jahr 1891 zum nationalen Gedenktag der Schweiz, 1994 zum nationalen Freitag. Morgen debattieren Hundertausende beim Brunch auf unzähligen Bauernhöfen über Gott und die Welt. Huldrich Zwingli, … Continue reading

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Canon, Codex, and Biblical Theory

Originally posted on LXX Studies:
Canon and Codex. Surely, the alliteration indicates that these ideas are co-extensive, right? Depends on whom one asks. Armin Lange in the same article referenced here says: I have also referred repeatedly to the invention…

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Hannah Visits Ark Encounter, And Tweets It

You’ll have to scroll down a bit but you’ll find it.  Quite interesting if you’ve never taken the trip to the Ham home.

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Israeli Antiquities Dealers Arrested in Hobby Lobby Dealings

Daniel Estrin tweets Exclusive: 5 Jerusalem antiquities dealers arrested in connection w/ sale of smuggled artifacts to Hobby Lobby, Israeli official tells @NPR.

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Grace… It’s Interesting Who Doesn’t Use the Word

Mark doesn’t, Matthew doesn’t, James doesn’t.  The other Gospels use it very few times, the Catholic epistles as few.  Paul uses it most. The interesting thing, as I think about it, is the fact that the worse a person is, … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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You Know That’s Right – And As it Should Be

Via the instagram of Joel “The Methopapist” Watts-

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And Bultmann Isn’t The Only Superstar Marburg Honors

Again, from Manu.

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It’s International ‘Friendship Day’

So, along with being very friendly today, I’m also passing this along from our friends in Saxony- The picture was taken inside the Melanchthonhaus in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. The exhibtion “Philipp Melanchthon: Life – Work – Legacy” honours Martin Luther’s great … Continue reading

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Memorializing Rudolf Karl Bultmann on the Anniversary of His Death

Rudolf Karl Bultmann, the greatest New Testament exegete of the 20th century (and as yet still unsurpassed as the best New Testament exegete of all time) died on the 30th of July in 1976.  In honor of the great man, … Continue reading

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The ‘Invisible Church’ Is An Invention of the Antichrist

Emil Brunner writes Christ desires no invisible army. He wants a host of such a kind that even the children of this world, who know nothing of faith nor want to know, will be able to note that there is something mightily … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Emil Brunner truly writes

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Reformation Research

Search for this brilliant group on Facebook.  Or just go here.

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Twitter Theology that Makes Me Sigh

Jesus raged at Lazarus’ tomb. 14 other gospel scenes record Jesus angry. Helpful meditations on these passages from Sarah Sumner’s new book. –  Twitter Nope.

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The Spinti Strikes Back…

Against Petrovich.

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The Problem With the Universalists God is, It isn’t God

Because the Universalists God is a utility and the Universalists are only concerned with essentially just enough God to ‘get me to heaven’. Theirs is truly a utilitarian God of ‘love’ who doesn’t love enough to discipline or correct.  A … Continue reading

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Wright’s Wrong… It’s Nice Other People Are Finally Catching Up and Figuring That Out

If you want a quick-but-tedious way to separate some of the shallower evanjellyfish from the more theologically-serious evangelicals in your circle of friends, here’s a simple method: call N.T. Wright a heretic. It’s quick because the blowback you will surely … Continue reading

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Generation Null

Did you know that the latest generation to arrive on the planet, Generation Null, is comprised of an astonishing 95% of babies who don’t do any of the housework or help around the house in any way????  Appalling… Droht der … Continue reading

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Mark Your Calendar…

For September 25th and come to Newman University.   Why should you attend my lecture at @newman in September? Because 1) you’ll never attend anything worse and 2) that means the remainder of your life will be better! Once you … Continue reading

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