The Anniversary of the Death of Luther’s Mom

margie_lutherMartin Luther’s mother Margarethe died on June 30, 1531, in Magdeburg, Germany. From his descriptions of her, we know that he saw her as a stern but loving mother. Even Lucas Cranach the Elder’s portrait of her gives her a dower expression.

But by looking at all of Luther’s comments to and about his mother, we can see that her sternness came out of a strong desire for the best for her children. She, along with her husband Hans, made sure that her children received the best education that they could afford to give them. Later, we learn that she even came to Wittenberg occasionally to help Katie with the children who loved and adored their only living grandmother.

Finally, we know that Margarethe died secure in the faith which her famous son had proclaimed and which she also confessed as her own.

The portrait of Margarethe Luther is by Lucas Cranach the Elder in 1527.

-Rebecca DeGrmeaux for Katie Luther