First Baptist Church, Dallas: Practitioners of Idolatry

Yesterday was “Freedom Sunday” at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  The pastor of First Baptist is Robert Jeffress.  He is a Trump supporter, Christian nationalist, and prominent court evangelical. As the pictures attached to this tweet indicate, it was a day of patriotic celebration in the church sanctuary.

People waved American flags during the service.

The last time I checked, the waving of the American flag was a sign of support or loyalty to the nation.  Jeffress had no problem allowing such an act to take place in a church sanctuary–the place where Christians worship God as a form of expressing their ultimate loyalty.  Patriotism is fine. Flag-waving is fine.  But I wonder if any of the congregation felt uncomfortable that all of this took place in the church sanctuary on a Sunday morning.

They didn’t.  They’re idolaters, led by an idolater.  Read the whole piece.

One thought on “First Baptist Church, Dallas: Practitioners of Idolatry

  1. matthewbeech27

    Jeffress is also a money grubbing impastor, pushing the tithe system that was part of the law, but they never mention that.


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