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The Federalist Has Loads of Stupid Articles: But This Is the Dumbest…

For one simple reason- generations and generations of people attended VBS and were not ‘driven away from the Church’ by it.  Blaming the departure of Millennials from the Church on VBS is pure, unadulterated, blinkered, idiotic, senseless, baseless, deceitful stupidity.

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First Baptist Church, Dallas: Practitioners of Idolatry

Yesterday was “Freedom Sunday” at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  The pastor of First Baptist is Robert Jeffress.  He is a Trump supporter, Christian nationalist, and prominent court evangelical. As the pictures attached to this tweet indicate, it was a day of patriotic celebration in the church sanctuary.

People waved American flags during the service.

The last time I checked, the waving of the American flag was a sign of support or loyalty to the nation.  Jeffress had no problem allowing such an act to take place in a church sanctuary–the place where Christians worship God as a form of expressing their ultimate loyalty.  Patriotism is fine. Flag-waving is fine.  But I wonder if any of the congregation felt uncomfortable that all of this took place in the church sanctuary on a Sunday morning.

They didn’t.  They’re idolaters, led by an idolater.  Read the whole piece.

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The Babylon Bee Sermon Generator

Why bother with study when you can just steal sermons from other people?

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“I have no use for cranks who despise music, because it is a gift of God. Next after theology, I give to music the highest place and the greatest honor.”—Martin Luther.

Enjoy this week’s post.

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