A New Essay From Israel Finkelstein on the Arad Ostracon

This new essay

… presents one track of work of the digital epigraphy group at TAU; we present the surprising results of multi-spectral imaging of the back side of Ostracon 16 from Arad, considered to be blank:

S. Faigenbaum-Golovin, A. Mendel-Geberovich, A. Shaus, B. Sober, M. Cordonsky, D. Levin, M. Moinester, B. Sass, E. Turkel, E. Piasetzky and I. Finkelstein, Multispectral Imaging Reveals Biblical-Period Inscription Unnoticed for Half a Century, Plos One June 14th, 2017.

We present the results of multi-spectral imaging. There is a lesson here: in sites/strata which may possibly reveal ostraca, multi-spectral imaging must be used in a systematic way.