The Bee Stings Facebook’s Anti-Christian Bias

27 Jun

Social media giant Facebook announced Tuesday that it would roll out a new cross-shaped “praise Jesus” reaction button for the month of July to celebrate its Christian users around the world.

“Facebook is proud to honor our countless Christian users, as well as the Christian community as a whole. Believers in Jesus Christ have positively impacted the world on a colossal scale for 2000 years, and they continue to do so every day. We want to express our solidarity with Christians worldwide and our respect for their beliefs and traditions,” said Barbara Collins, VP of Facebook’s “Honor Christianity” project.

“As a small tribute, we’re rolling out a ‘Praise Jesus’ button for use during the month of July, which we’ve designated as ‘Honor Christianity Month’ here at Facebook.”

In addition, Facebook will be offering special Christian-themed profile picture frames, as well as masks and frames for photos shared on the site and its Messenger app, Collins confirmed.

It’s funny because it’s true- that it will never happen.

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