Still Waiting…

I’m still waiting for any Christian who supports Trump to explain why they love a man who is far more immoral than Bill Clinton, whom they hate with rabid and irrational hatred.

Go ahead, explain yourselves.

2 thoughts on “Still Waiting…

  1. Matthew Hamilton

    Perhaps because Trump is immoral but less so then HRC, the lavender wife of Bill who besides her own immorality enabled Bill in his immorality

    Jim, what of the above do you not understand and why do you as a Christian advocate for HRC and the Democratic Party that supported both of the Clintons?


    1. Jim Post author

      that’s what i love about you trumpians. you are completely incapable of answering a question without attempting to divert from it so as not to harm your own internal trump as lord and savior narrative.

      i’ll answer when you do. go ahead. defend trump’s immorality without dragging a clinton in.


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