When Selfies Kill

Come on, kids.  Use your brains.

A British teenager died trying to take a selfie on the Paris Metro when he stuck his head out between the carriages, an inquest heard.  Nye “Frankie” Newman, who had travelled to France to take part int he daredevil sport of free running, suffered “catastrophic” head injuries in the incident.  The 17-year-old, from Aldershot, Hampshire, had travelled with his girlfriend, Nicole Tunnell, and a group of friends to the French capital during the Christmas break.

The group were on their way to the Eiffel Tower to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks when a French boy called Nino, 15, who they were staying with, undid the lock between the carriages with a skeleton key, the Basingstoke inquest heard. Coroner Andrew Bradley said that Nye, whose full name was Aneuryn Francis Newman, climbed up between the carriages and was struck by an object when he popped his head up for a moment.

Friend Joel Alvey-Taylor said in a statement that the group had drunk vodka and orange drinks earlier but did not think Nye was drunk. He said: “I saw Nye was messing about, I saw him going out of the carriageway, we were all telling him to get back down but he didn’t. “Nye must have just poked his head up to the top of the train for a second or so and something must have hit him. “He fell to the metal poles that separate the carriages.”

What a ‘Final Destination’ way to die.  And senseless because unnecessary.