If We Don’t Return To Paper Ballots We Will Never Be Able to Trust Election Results

NPR reports

Do You Want The Bad News First … Or The Bad News?

The bad news is America’s voting machines are eminently hackable and its elections systems are vulnerable to cyberattack, a computer science expert told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

But the *bad* news is that there’s every reason to expect that foreign — especially Russian — cyber-mischief could return in this year’s election, next year’s election and the 2020 presidential race, the assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division warned.

But the baaaad news is that state elections officials are frustrated with what they call a lack of information and a lack of meaningful support from the Department of Homeland Security, they told the Senate committee. They complain that the designation by DHS of the national elections system as “critical infrastructure” has meant, in practical terms, nothing.

But the really bad news is there is nothing like consensus about how to address any of this. Wednesday’s hearings made clear that partisan tension between Republicans and Democrats, friction between state and federal officials and America’s structural cyber-weakness all mean that foreign meddling and election integrity will remain major problem for years to come.