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If We Don’t Return To Paper Ballots We Will Never Be Able to Trust Election Results

NPR reports

Do You Want The Bad News First … Or The Bad News?

The bad news is America’s voting machines are eminently hackable and its elections systems are vulnerable to cyberattack, a computer science expert told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

But the *bad* news is that there’s every reason to expect that foreign — especially Russian — cyber-mischief could return in this year’s election, next year’s election and the 2020 presidential race, the assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division warned.

But the baaaad news is that state elections officials are frustrated with what they call a lack of information and a lack of meaningful support from the Department of Homeland Security, they told the Senate committee. They complain that the designation by DHS of the national elections system as “critical infrastructure” has meant, in practical terms, nothing.

But the really bad news is there is nothing like consensus about how to address any of this. Wednesday’s hearings made clear that partisan tension between Republicans and Democrats, friction between state and federal officials and America’s structural cyber-weakness all mean that foreign meddling and election integrity will remain major problem for years to come.

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Something for the Barthians

Amazon doesn’t list it yet so you’ll have to keep your eyes open for it there.  The publisher has it though.

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When Selfies Kill

Come on, kids.  Use your brains.

A British teenager died trying to take a selfie on the Paris Metro when he stuck his head out between the carriages, an inquest heard.  Nye “Frankie” Newman, who had travelled to France to take part int he daredevil sport of free running, suffered “catastrophic” head injuries in the incident.  The 17-year-old, from Aldershot, Hampshire, had travelled with his girlfriend, Nicole Tunnell, and a group of friends to the French capital during the Christmas break.

The group were on their way to the Eiffel Tower to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks when a French boy called Nino, 15, who they were staying with, undid the lock between the carriages with a skeleton key, the Basingstoke inquest heard. Coroner Andrew Bradley said that Nye, whose full name was Aneuryn Francis Newman, climbed up between the carriages and was struck by an object when he popped his head up for a moment.

Friend Joel Alvey-Taylor said in a statement that the group had drunk vodka and orange drinks earlier but did not think Nye was drunk. He said: “I saw Nye was messing about, I saw him going out of the carriageway, we were all telling him to get back down but he didn’t. “Nye must have just poked his head up to the top of the train for a second or so and something must have hit him. “He fell to the metal poles that separate the carriages.”

What a ‘Final Destination’ way to die.  And senseless because unnecessary.

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Zwingli Would Toss Someone in the Limmat Himself For This One…

Via the facebook.

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The Condemnation of Origen and His Followers by the Church

The blessed and holy St. Jerome wrote

The books of Origen have been read before a council of bishops and unanimously condemned. The following are his chief errors, mainly found in the περὶ ʼΑρχῶν.

  1. The Son compared with us is truth, but compared with the Father he is falsehood.
  2. Christ’s kingdom will one day come to an end.
  3. We ought to pray to the Father alone, not to the Son.
  4. Our bodies after the resurrection will be corruptible and mortal.
  5. There is nothing perfect even in heaven; the angels themselves are faulty, and some of them feed on the Jewish sacrifices.
  6. The stars are conscious of their own movements, and the demons know the future by their courses.
  7. Magic, if real, is not evil.
  8. Christ suffered once for men; he will suffer again for the demons.

The Origenists have tried to coerce me; they have even stirred up the heathen by denouncing the destruction of the Serapeum; and have sought to withdraw from the ecclesiastical jurisdiction two persons accused of grave crimes. One of these is the woman who was wrongly placed on the list of widows by Isidore, the other Isidore himself. He is the standard-bearer of the heretical faction, and his wealth supplies them with unbounded resources for their violent enterprises. They have tried to murder me; they seized the monastery church at Nitria, and for a time prevented the bishops from entering and the offices from being performed. Now, like Zebul (Beelzebub) they go to and fro on the earth.

You can find them these days at Fuller.

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Chris Tilling, Exposed

Behold, the real Chris Tilling-

tillingUnretouched Photo

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