Ming Hua Theological College and Charles Sturt University

Our brilliant Dean at Ming Hua, Gareth Jones, has been working for months and months to help bring about a partnership between Ming Hua and Charles Sturt University of Australia.  The partnership is designed to maximize the educational opportunities of our Ming Hua students through a highly regarded academic institution, Charles Sturt.

What this means practically is that Ming Hua students are also students of Charles Sturt and Ming Hua faculty (including myself) are also adjunct faculty of Charles Sturt.  Our courses earn our students our credits and Charles Sturt credits.  Our students are thus the beneficiaries of what I would characterize as being citizens of ‘two kingdoms’.

This partnership with Charles Sturt is very exciting and very meaningful for our little school nestled in the heart of beautiful and vibrant Hong Kong and our Dean and all those here, and at Charles Sturt, who have worked so hard and done so much to make it happen deserve our unwavering appreciation.