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Well Isn’t That Special…

It’s actually a very funny blog.  Except this time…

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Why You’re Here: Ethics for the Real World

What are Christians to be and to do in the world? What does faithfulness look like in these complex and confusing times? Christians are often told either to take over the world in God’s name or to withdraw into faithful … Continue reading

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Kritiker und Exegeten: Porträtskizzen zu vier Jahrhunderten alttestamentlicher Wissenschaft

Rudolf Smend presents many important representatives of the Old Testament studies. Thereby he places emphasis on the scholars and their group of persons, but also discusses the historical contexts and contextual factors of the schools of thought.  His goal is … Continue reading

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On Page 91…

Take a look… page 91.  Left column.  Top.

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Martin Luther: Rebel in an Age of Upheaval

No other German has shaped the history of early-modern Europe more than Martin Luther. In this comprehensive and balanced biography we see Luther as a rebel, but not as a lone hero; as a soldier in a mighty struggle for … Continue reading

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Self Centered-ness as Hermeneutic…

Liking some parts of the Bible and ignoring what you don’t doesn’t make you a good Christian. It just makes you self centered.  And your hermeneutic is nothing but the hermeneutic of self-centered-ness.

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Leo Jud on the Anniversary of his Death

Leo Jud… … was born in 1482, the son of a priest in Alsass, studied with Zwingli at Basle, and became his successor as priest at Einsiedeln, 1519, and his colleague and faithful assistant as minister of St. Peter’s in … Continue reading

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The Prayer Which Opened the Daily Sessions of the Prophezei

Omnipotens sempiterne et misericors Deus, cuius verbum est lucerna pedibus nostris et lumen semitarum nostrarum, aperi et illumina mentes nostras ut oracula tua pure et sancte intelligamus et in illud quod recte intellexerimus transformemur, quo maiestati tuae nulla ex parte … Continue reading

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The Birthday of the Prophezei

Under Zwingli’s leadership… A theological college, called Carolinum, was established from the funds of the Great Minster, and opened June 19, 1525. It consisted of the collegium humanitatis, for the study of the ancient languages, philosophy and mathematics, and the … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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