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Trump’s Administration Wants to Deport Iraqi Christians…

And there’s just one word for it: EVIL.

Iraqis are being swept up in immigration raids across the US and targeted for deportation by the Trump administration, in a crackdown attorneys and advocates described as a “death sentence” for members of Iraq’s Christian minority.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) arrested more than 200 Iraqi nationals over the weekend who have been the subject of deportation orders following criminal convictions or pending criminal charges.

One hundred and fourteen people were detained in Detroit alone, most of whom are members of Iraq’s Chaldean minority – which, like other Christian groups, has been targeted for persecution by Islamic State and other jihadist groups.

Najah Konja, 55, who was arrested in Detroit on Sunday morning, immigrated to the US with his family in 1977. No other relatives remain in Iraq, according to his brother, Shoki “Steve” Konja.

“What is he going to do there?” Steve Konja, a US citizen, told the Guardian. “Basically, they are sentencing him to death.”

Mr Trump, you are no Christian.  And any ‘Christian’ who stands with you in this is not a Christian either.

Other Faces of the Protestant Reformation

November 23, 2017 at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Brazil: Symposium Other Faces of the Reformation.  On the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther’s work will always be prominent.  However, it is important to consider other protagonists whose role allowed the Protestant Reformation to spread so rapidly across a large number of countries. Some of these men, known as Pre-Reformers, left an important legacy that would prepare the way for the actions of Martin Luther.

Zwingli’s Daily Schedule

oecolampadius_zwingliZwingli’s biographer writes of his daily schedule thusly:

His mode of life is thus described, and the description is true of his remaining years: he rose early, and studied, standing up, till 10 o’clock; after dinner, which commonly at that time in Zurich came on at 11 A.M., until 2 P.M., he was free to all who came; from 2 P.M. till supper-time he studied; after supper he walked out a little; then returned to study or to write letters, which latter occupation sometimes kept him up till midnight.

He read much in the classics: Aristotle, Plato, Thucydides, Demosthenes, and Hesiod, Lucian, Theocritus, and Aristophanes, Homer, and especially Pindar, are to be mentioned as the Greek authors he was most familiar with; while his Latin favourites were Horace, Sallust, and Seneca. He had begun the study of Hebrew at Einsiedeln, but soon dropped it. Now he took it up again under Andreas Boeschenstein. As at Glarus, he had pupils in his house. He also gave instruction in Greek in the cathedral school.

Now, tell me how busy you are.