Daily Archives: 15 Jun 2017

We All Do

i just want
a country
where affording
health care
is easy
and getting shot
in the street
is hard
why is that
so much
to ask?

Greg Green

Ark Dogs…

Via the twitter and Richard Bartholomew-

Williamstown, KY: see Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark theme park and eat the Arkdog, “2/3 of a cubit of hot dog goodness!” 

Call For Submissions

The Official Carnival will appear here on 1 July, so if you see interesting biblical studies posts between now and the end of the month, send them along.  It’s going to be hot!

When Reformers Disagree

This week’s RefoThursday post starts out with two quotes-

“Farewell to those who want an entirely pure and purified church. This is plainly wanting no church at all.”—Martin Luther

“[T]he church which is outwardly without spot and blemish”—Menno Simons

Read it.