The ‘Everyone Has their Own Opinion About That’ Lie

muhvtIt’s stunning, absolutely stunning how people love to spew the ‘everyone’s opinion is of the same weight’ nonsense but they only do it in reference to the Bible or Theology.  They never do it in reference to flying a plane or driving a car or doing heart surgery or anything else.  It’s imbecilic.

So let me state it as plainly as i humanly can- if you aren’t trained in a field, your opinion DOES NOT CARRY ANY WEIGHT.  Pride insists that it does, but humility, self awareness, and common sense insist that it doesn’t.

If you don’t believe that- if you really believe that the opinion of the kid flipping burgers at McDonald’s is just as valid as the woman who has studied the Bible for the better part of her life then you really don’t need to be sharing your opinion on the topic because you’ll just be exposing yourself as a fool.